Zoom, Zoom

Some people go to the Dallas Auto Show to see the bright and shiny new cars, but not me. I go for an emotional roller coaster that's better than a night at the theater. There's sadness: The sight of lovely women whose careers come down to standing next to cars on rotating platforms makes one wonder what kind of troubled career or life path they had. Lust: See previous. Anger: Why is some damned snot-nosed little kid always sitting in the car I want to see? Greed: Gimme bags filled with free stuff! Envy: What, I can't even sit in that sporty new Mercedes? Shock: They cost how much?! And finally, joy: Hey, I don't need a new car! But maybe you just want the bright and shiny part. No worries, you can see more than 700 current-year models at the Dallas Convention Center, 650 S. Griffin St., Wednesday through Sunday. Tickets are $11 for adults, $5 for seniors. Children under age 12 will be surreptitiously kicked in the behind by yours truly. Call 214-637-0531 or visit dallasautoshow.org for more info.
March 14-18


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