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  • The Exploited

    published December 9, 2004

    At this late date in the Exploited's punk rock career, you might expect to find the group in line for the dole, belching and chuckling. Could they... More >>

  • The Blood Brothers

    published November 4, 2004

    Higher-pitched and more deafening than an army of small poodles, the quintet known as the Blood Brothers fires off shrapnel-like noise that singes... More >>

  • Bad Boys

    published October 21, 2004

    When they first hit the scene two decades ago, who could have guessed these half-grown adolescents would one day become rap elders? With their... More >>

  • Flogging Molly

    published September 16, 2004

    Regardless of Ireland's vibrant traditional music and culture, on these shores anything Irish is often used as an excuse for frat boys to spill... More >>

  • Monsters of Metal

    published August 5, 2004

    Bottom line: Judas Priest forged, in iron and molten steel, the very foundation of heavy metal. The stoned-out, low-end pummeling of Black Sabbath... More >>

  • Steal These Albums

    published July 8, 2004

    Hip-hop wasn't always about Pimp My Ride antics and paint-by-numbers hit singles. Back in the day, some rappers had shit to say about... More >>

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