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1996 Stories by Alex Magocsi

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  • Burning down the house

    published December 12, 1996

    It's summer, 1994, and Pervis is headlining an MCA Records showcase at Trees. Co-sirens Rachael Strauss and Cristina Harrison writhe, high-kick,... More >>

  • Keep coming back

    published October 10, 1996

    Edie teeters on one foot, streaming consciousness. Kenny noodles a spacey jam while John pings a cymbal here, a cowbell there, tom-tomming a... More >>

  • Unwrapping the Reichstag

    published September 12, 1996

    Reed Easterwood woke one morning last fall to a vision: A colossal gold angel--wreath in one hand, staff in the other--spreading her wings over a... More >>

  • Roadshows

    published September 5, 1996

    To the moon, Alice Archaeologists likely will conclude that music once was illegal when each time they unearth the home of an independent... More >>

Archives: 1997 | 1996