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  • Be A Star, If Only for One Night

    published December 27, 2012

    The end of the world speculation has at least given everyone a reason to throw a party. And since throwing parties is what the cast and crew of... More >>

  • Putting The “Do” in Dowdy

    published December 13, 2012

    Dowdy Studio is run by a screen-printing married couple that’s so freaking cute that you’ll want to puke. And guess what else? Their... More >>

  • Just Bring ’Em All Out At Once, Please

    published December 13, 2012

    As one of the older residences in Dallas, and one of the only ones still standing on Ross Avenue, the Alexander Mansion is the type of... More >>

  • Meet WIGWAM, Your Pop-Up Holiday Friend

    published December 6, 2012

    If you haven’t completed your holiday shopping, you’re about to be screwed. Well, you were, until WIGWAM Holiday Pop-Up Shop... More >>

  • Party Into Philanthropy

    published November 29, 2012

    The McKinney Avenue Contemporary’s Blue Yule Artist Party and Ornament Sale is back for the 17th year in a row. And there’s a... More >>

  • All Hands On Decks

    published November 29, 2012

    Southern California street art will finally get its due on Saturday when Dallas gets a visit from an old friend. Here-turned-there artist David... More >>

  • Kick Start Your Heart

    published November 22, 2012

    This year marks the 85th year of the Rockettes, and to celebrate they’ve created an all-new stage show with more adjectives than ever... More >>

  • Let's Make Memories

    published November 15, 2012

    Memory jugs were created as a way to honor the dead. Oftentimes holes were provided so the spirit wouldn’t get trapped inside the container.... More >>

  • Credits Unlikely To Transfer

    published November 8, 2012

    If you like drawing, but are all out of fruit bowls, why not try your hand at the human form? And if you’re destined to artfully tackle a... More >>

  • Behold, The Bubble Roller

    published November 8, 2012

    The No. 1 hobby on everyone’s list? Travel. And sometimes people even mean it. If you’re one of those mean-it types, check out the... More >>

  • This Event Is The Pitt's

    published November 1, 2012

    You can’t escape it. On walks, at the dog park, in the pet store, everybody wants to know: “What kind of dog is that?” and the... More >>

  • Bendy People Unite

    published November 1, 2012

    The Tantra Vinyasa Conference is coming to Dallas for the first time ever, but don’t be fooled; this ain’t their first bendy... More >>

  • For Real Party Animals

    published October 25, 2012

    If you’re the type of person who likes to help animals, but also likes to get their swagger on, then Howl-O-Ween is the party for... More >>

  • Make Date Night A Late Night

    published October 18, 2012

    Spend your evening getting all cultural and stuff at Late Nights in the Arts District. While you’ll find a million happenings... More >>

  • Because Pug Tattoos are Awesome. That's Why.

    published October 18, 2012

    If there’s one thing pugs love, it’s costumes. No wait, that’s Beggin’ Strips. Well, if there’s one thing humans... More >>

  • She's Got The Look

    published October 11, 2012

    Dallas stylist Jillian Prado believes that style is attainable for every occasion and every individual. For the fourth year in a row, she’ll... More >>

  • Creepy, Kooky and All For You

    published September 27, 2012

    Bald uncles with working mouth bulbs, surly children and a questionable plunging neckline. This can mean only one thing: The Addams... More >>

  • Well, Schnitzel My Grits

    published September 20, 2012

    In Texas, there are few occasions when donning lederhosen seems like a good idea. I mean, they’re velvet shortalls — in this heat?... More >>

  • Highflyin’ Pratfalls, With KOOZA

    published September 20, 2012

    Cirque du Soliel’s KOOZA inspires gasps, heart palpitations and quotes like, “Son of Zeus, how did he do that?” But KOOZA... More >>

  • Grab That Gucci, Girl

    published September 13, 2012

    If you’re interested in attending the Pearls & Purses Luncheon at Victory Tavern, you probably have a few questions. Like, one: Do... More >>

  • Shante, You Stay

    published September 13, 2012

    If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. But if you’re prideful and you know it? Take your shirt off, throw on a feather boa,... More >>

  • It’s Mother Effin’ Décor, Yo.

    published September 6, 2012

    Have you ever wished a write-up had sound effects? Me too. So just play along and read this entire thing like it’s a monster truck show and... More >>

  • Maturing, Without the Stench of Jean Nate

    published September 6, 2012

    No matter what Bonne Bell says, the true transition to womanhood doesn’t start with Dr Pepper Lip Smackers, it starts with a... More >>

  • Major League Laughs

    published August 30, 2012

    Here’s a fun idea — let’s pit a bunch of comedians against each other on a softball field. Because if there’s one thing... More >>

  • Bullying? In God’s House? OK.

    published August 30, 2012

    If you love the drama of Lifetime, but aren’t keen on the comfort of your own home, come check out the most angst-filled movie to never star... More >>

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