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  • 20 hours ago | Lists

    Sometimes, not much seems to being going on in Dallas. Whether that's because of our general proclivity toward staying in comfortable bubbles or a lack of good public relations, it’s easy to feel like the only thing to do is spend yet another week...

  • 1 day ago | Drinking

    The bar at On Premise seems like a study in contradictions. The "steampunk" aesthetic, created by minimalist decor, the presence of metal gears and exposed filament lighting, is broken up by shiny, faux-gator banquettes. The crowd is equally dispa...

  • 5 days ago | Columns

    This time of year, pretty much anyone with any taste in music is looking toward Austin. If you consider yourself a true music nerd, you’re probably still recovering from the first weekend of Austin City Limits, arguably the city’s best music festi...

  • 6 days ago | Best Of Dallas

    You would think that spring would be chef’s favorite season, and why wouldn’t it be? Fresh summer produce like watermelon, tomatoes, and okra offer a multitude of culinary opportunities. But don’t be too quick to denounce fall just yet. Many of Da...

  • 8 days ago | Things To Do

    Now that it’s October, things are probably about to get really insane. For whatever reason, the last few months of the year just seem to go by much more quickly than those long, dragging summer months. Perhaps it has something to do with just how ...

  • 11 days ago | Columns

    As the indisputable king of country music, George Strait is still riding high after his farewell to life on the road in the summer of 2014 in Dallas. The show at AT&T Stadium was sort of the end of an era, twenty-plus years of Strait selling o...


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