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  • Megadeth, Machine Head, Suicide Silence, Arcanium

    published November 26, 2009

    One of the most tragicomic moments in the 2004 Metallica documentary, Some Kind of Monster, features not the band but rather... More >>

  • Paolo Nutini

    published September 3, 2009

    Twenty-two-year-old singer-songwriter Paolo Nutini confounds most expectations, from his name on up. Despite his moniker's Mediterranean... More >>

  • Rod Stewart

    published July 23, 2009

    It's easy to crack a joke at ol' Rod the Mod's expense. Sure, sadly, the lingering image many casual music fans have of him is of his... More >>

  • Thursday Atones for the Sins of Emo

    published March 19, 2009

    As frontman of the New Jersey band Thursday, Geoff Rickly helped pioneer many of the main motifs of today's landscape of contemporary... More >>

  • Fair to Midland, The Timeline Post, The House Harkonnen, Dragna

    published January 1, 2009

    Fair to Midland holds the platypus-rare distinction of sounding like pretty much no one else in rock music today. Consider a track such as the... More >>

Archives: 2010 | 2009 | 2007 | 2006