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  • 8 months ago | Beer

    In 2011, Chris Weiss and Will and Adrian Cotten were home-brewers in The Cedars looking to create and perfect easy-to-drink beers for friends and family. In 2014, the three founded Pegasus City Brewery to bring their home recipes to the masses. Af...

  • 10 months ago | Beer

    When Darin Peterson and Jill Bresnan returned from Europe a few years ago, the two homebrewers, who met through their shared love of beer, decided that they wanted to start a brewery. Shortly after, the idea for Good Neighbor Brews was b...

  • 10 months ago | Beer

    In 2014, Lakewood Growler opened off Abrams Road and Mockingbird Lane and has since become a haven for craft beer in East Dallas. Building on that success, the people behind Lakewood Growler announced in September that they would be opening anothe...

  • 11 months ago | Beer

    The last couple of years have been friendly to the North Texas beer scene — more than 25 breweries have popped up across our prairie landscape. The fears of a craft beer bubble have been popping up for years now, but on the other side of the coin,...

  • 1 year ago | Beer

    In 2010, Karl and Misty Sanford were looking to brew a special beer for their upcoming wedding. They needed something that met certain specifications, so they got together with their friend Jeremy Brodt. Together, the trio finally made a cross bet...

  • 1 year ago | Beer

    Now that the election is over, it's finally time Dallas to unite again over our favorite thing: beer. The annual North Texas Beer Week kicks off Friday with events taking place across the DFW area. But rather than digging fruitlessly through hundr...


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