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  • You've Got Red On You

    published August 27, 2009

    The undead are so hot right now. Brooding, lifeless faces are plastered everywhere, but all I see is blatant discrimination. Sure they may not be... More >>

  • Have You Seen This Child?

    published August 20, 2009

    If I wake up after a dreamless night, I usually don't worry about plummeting to a premature death. I brush my teeth and start my day. Not so for... More >>

  • Wave of Inspiration

    published August 13, 2009

    While Frankie and Annette were teaching American movie audiences the art of riding waves without messing up their hair, a handful of French... More >>

  • Shorties Watchin' Shorties

    published August 6, 2009

    Even parents with the most discerning taste in film have been known to sit through mindless movies where animals make fart jokes through their... More >>

  • Get Your Flair On

    published July 30, 2009

    Y2K came and went, computers upgraded, the Internet replaced life as we once knew it and the whole world went digital. Now jobs are scarce,... More >>

  • Sour Power

    published July 23, 2009

    When life gives you stand up to the Israeli government that tries to destroy them on the grounds that you're a Palestinian and may... More >>

  • Dance Machines

    published July 16, 2009

    It's 1990. A little girl sits in front of her television smacking gum. On the screen a man in a white hat walks up to a door, opens it and is... More >>

  • Closer, Closer...Now Stop

    published July 9, 2009

    Love stinks. Take Dan for example. Dan meets and falls in love with a stripper after seeing her get hit by a car. Over time she becomes needy and... More >>

  • Doctor Jones! Doctor Jones!

    published June 26, 2009

    Roughly one score and 10 years ago, the forefathers of big-budget Hollywood movies set forth to make even more millions of dollars by refusing to... More >>

  • The Shorts of Texas Are Upon You

    published June 18, 2009

    If you're not a film festival attendee yet, it's time to get started. Each November, the Lone Star International Film Festival in Fort Worth... More >>

  • High Kicks

    published June 11, 2009

    Over the years, lavish productions have come and gone, lighting up Broadway for the duration of their run with elaborate costumes and sets. But 30... More >>

  • Let's Pretend

    published June 4, 2009

    It's that time of year again when the rich and famous flock to the south of France to take part in lavish yacht parties and view fantastic pieces... More >>

  • French Flicks, Coming Up!

    published May 21, 2009

    French leprechauns, or "Lutins," are way more hip than regular leprechauns. They won't lead you to a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but... More >>

  • Swinging Century

    published May 14, 2009

    Ask your grandma--American music royalty did not begin with Elvis. In the 1930s a four-eyed clarinet player from Chicago began to make an unlikely... More >>

  • Flight of the Conchords, Eugene Mirman

    published April 30, 2009

    In the dark recesses of an underground New York club, Flight of the Conchords, an unknown folk music duo from New Zealand, plays an awkward set... More >>

  • Post-Preschool

    published April 2, 2009

    Being a rock star comes naturally to you. You're all about windmills, headbanging and breaking stuff. You're the king of stage dives, the world's... More >>

  • The Film of Opportunity

    published March 26, 2009

    The meek don't exactly inherit the Earth in Hollywood, and with all the noise surrounding Mickey Rourke and Sean Penn at the Oscars this year, it... More >>

  • Silver Sting

    published March 19, 2009

    It's hard out there for a drone. Can't make honey, can't hibernate, got big eyes. Not to mention you're only good for one thing and it kills you.... More >>

  • A Shooting Zooey

    published March 12, 2009

    Field trips to the planetarium always inspired big dreams. There were the dreams of a hand touch while sitting in the dark next to that certain... More >>

  • Bass Hall Bicycle

    published March 5, 2009

    Tonight you're gonna have yourself a real good time. You'll feel ali-i-i-ive. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. If you've ever danced... More >>

  • Flick Bits

    published February 26, 2009

    By now you've seen Brad Pitt aging backward, the little Indian film that could and, of course, Kate's Oprah-approved rack. If you're really good... More >>

  • Big-Screen Brazil

    published February 19, 2009

    All appropriate paperwork has been filed with the Ministry of Entertainment and received the go-ahead from the Ministry of Exhibition. One final... More >>

  • Viva La Modern

    published February 19, 2009

    When a political revolutionary starts adorning the T-shirts of kids too young to have even learned about him in history class, it's definitely... More >>

  • Viva La Modern

    published February 12, 2009

    When a political revolutionary starts adorning the T-shirts of kids too young to have even learned about him in history class, it's definitely... More >>

  • Vampire Nookie?

    published February 5, 2009

    Nosferatu had Count Orlok chasing after another man's wife, but there was no way he was going to score. Interview With the Vampire... More >>

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