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  • Mommie Dearest

    published December 31, 2009

    When you're growing up, people say Mom always knows best. And for the most part, they're right, but there comes a time in everyone's life when you... More >>

  • A Heart Of Ice

    published December 24, 2009

    He's a mean one, that Mr. Grinch, always stealing stockings and Christmas trees, and no, he won't forget about that roast beast, either. But what... More >>

  • Billie Jean Is Not My Laser

    published December 24, 2009

    Whether you loved him, hated him or didn't care much either way, you can't deny that Michael Jackson was and always will be a music legend. With... More >>

  • The Coveted Holiday Cookie

    published December 17, 2009

    Don't lie to yourself. You know you aren't paying attention to the tree or the presents. Yes, they are exciting, but they aren't what you're... More >>

  • Way More Than Humbug

    published December 17, 2009

    He always says, "Bah, humbug," but wouldn't it be something if Scrooge decided to spice things up by saying, "Don't hug me." Well, he's about to.... More >>

  • Souped-Up Sleighs

    published December 17, 2009

    Tim Allen was against Santa rolling down the block in a Panzer. Would he object to a Lamborghini, Bentley, Aston Martin, Porsche or a Rolls Royce... More >>

  • All Through the House

    published December 3, 2009

    Maybe the traditional holiday elements enlighten and lift your spirit. Maybe you look forward to the toy soldiers, snowflakes, snowmen and... More >>

  • Legs and Egg(nog)

    published December 3, 2009

    Picture it: It is Thanksgiving Day (it was only a couple weeks ago so it shouldn't be too hard to imagine, right?). The turkey won't be done for... More >>

  • Cracking Nuts With Dancing Girls

    published December 3, 2009

    The Nutcracker, although obviously a holiday classic, is always so deadly serious. You don't see the Jones family chit-chatting in their... More >>

  • Santa's Been Bad

    published December 3, 2009

    According to kids, Santa Claus has always been a kind and jolly fat man. He's the guy whose tummy jiggles like a bowl full of jelly. Well, what... More >>

  • Yule Have A Ball

    published December 3, 2009

    Do you remember when you made those cheesy Christmas ornaments for your mom in art class? You know, the ones that she still, after all these... More >>

  • The Winspear Goes Nuts

    published November 26, 2009

    It's that time of year again--Chevy Chase is running out of room in his house, and the Grinch is complaining even more than usual. Stores are... More >>

  • 88 MPH Or Bust

    published November 26, 2009

    You know you've said it before. You know you've told your parents they just don't understand what it feels like to be young. Well, what if you got... More >>

  • A Fresh Coat Of Paint

    published November 26, 2009

    There she is, standing in front of the blank canvas. With a paintbrush in her hand, she slowly begins to create the ideas that have been... More >>

  • Shop & Don't Stop

    published November 19, 2009

    Looking for some jewelry to go with that little black dress? How about a new painting for the living room? Or maybe some new glassware for the... More >>

  • Shopping By Candlelight

    published November 5, 2009

    Here's to hoping that the weather outside on Wednesday surely isn't frightful, and that you don't let it snow, let it snow because you're going to... More >>

  • A Real Gem

    published November 5, 2009

    Listen up, men. There's nothing more attractive than a beautiful blond woman who can yodel. Yes, yodel. And that's just one of the many talents... More >>

  • A Sporting Chance

    published November 5, 2009

    Ready, set, donate! The Mwamba Family Foundation and all-pro bowler Al Wilson present Fight for Five, a charity campaign seeking to raise... More >>

  • All In the Family

    published November 5, 2009

    There's such a thing as unhealthy family dysfunction. And in Sam Shepard's A Lie of the Mind, dysfunction is so rampant, the family... More >>

  • Last Night: Hanson and Hellogoodbye at House of Blues

    published Nov 02, 2009

    Hanson, HellogoodbyeHouse of BluesNovember 1, 2009Better Than: Spending $80 to sit in the nose bleed section at another concert​Hanson stopped in at the House of Blues last night to perform before a... More >>

  • You'll Have A Gay Ol' Time

    published October 29, 2009

    There's nothing more heartwarming than a message about humanity. Well, maybe...if you throw in some pearly white costumes, lyrics and some groovy... More >>

  • We Heart Video

    published October 29, 2009

    Calling all Spielberg, Lucas and Coppola wannabes. And well, even if you aren't a wannabe and just a film lover, the 22nd Annual VideoFest... More >>

  • Bake Me A Face As Fast As You Can

    published October 29, 2009

    Did someone say meat pies? Or was it priest pies? Mrs. Lovett is at it again, and this time it's not Helena Bonham Carter who's serving up the hot... More >>

  • Midsummer's In Mid-Fall

    published October 29, 2009

    If you're looking for William Shakespeare's well-known productions with drawn-out soliloquies and tragic suicides, think again. It's time to... More >>

  • A Horse, Of Course

    published October 29, 2009

    Can strides, jumps and gallops really be captured on a flat surface? Sure, maybe in a photograph, but can you capture it in a painting? Susan... More >>

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