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  • Oh, Grow Up

    published May 17, 2012

    Ditch the juice boxes, jump ropes and jawbreakers for a daytime playground brawl. The jagged claws are out and the petite pearl earrings are off.... More >>

  • Now She's A Nurturing Mad Black Woman

    published May 10, 2012

    She may be big and mad but she sure does want you to have a good time, ya’ll. So bring the whole family, because Tyler Perry is presenting... More >>

  • Viva Dallas Burlesque

    published May 3, 2012

    Cinco de Mayo is one of the best excuses to sink into an elated state of drunkenness. You drink beer, slosh around a few margaritas and... More >>

  • Get Greasy

    published May 3, 2012

    Yeah, he’s the one that you want — that Grease Lightning guy. You’ve been there, sang that and worn the skintight black spandex,... More >>

  • Rustle Up Some Used Stuff

    published April 26, 2012

    Yeehaw, y’all. Grab your boots, find your lasso and get ready to steer your trusty steed. It’s time to hunt for the goods on the... More >>

  • Ben Folds Plays With the Fort Worth Symphony

    published April 26, 2012

    He’s rockin’ the classics, bringing the new school to the old school and vice versa. Join renowned musician, singer, songwriter, solo... More >>

  • Laugh at a Cabaret, Old Chum

    published April 19, 2012

    They’re feeling the rhythm, partaking in the raunchy, satirical and fancy- free fun. There’s a little toe tapping and finger snapping... More >>

  • It's Good to Be King

    published March 29, 2012

    Dude, it pays to be the king of the boob tube in Queens. It also pays to be a man named Albert, a zany zookeeper and a mad mall cop too. Just ask... More >>

  • SMU Steps On The Catwalk

    published March 22, 2012

    Move over Big Apple. Big D is hot to trot, ready to trend and putting its best fashion foot forward. It’s time for the sizzling south lands... More >>

  • All Bunnies Go to Heaven. (Where Dogs Eat Them.)

    published March 22, 2012

    How holy are your Peeps? Peeps … you know, the painfully pastel yet supposedly delicious goops of goo that the Easter Bunny likes to leave... More >>

  • A Key to Russia

    published February 2, 2012

    It’s time to get out of music class and into a real-life scenario. Educate yourself on the finer aspects of cadenzas, chord progressions and... More >>

  • A Symphony of Giggles

    published January 26, 2012

    Musical pioneers like Beethoven and Mozart paved the way for future artistic generations, but they never caused anyone to shriek with horrifying... More >>

  • Call of the Wild

    published January 5, 2012

    The call of the wild beckons all you camouflage-wearing jungle lovers out there to run on over to this year’s Dallas Safari Club... More >>

  • Funding Issues Block Local Film Students From Screening in France

    Funding Issues Block Local Film Students From Screening in France

    published Jan 11, 2012

    the whale [trailer] from Jaime Chapin on Vimeo.Back in the fall of 2010, a group of senior film students at the University of North Texas wrote, shot and directed The Whale, a hauntingly beautiful sho... More >>

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