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2002 Stories by Carlton Stowers

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  • Lost Youth

    published December 26, 2002

    Longtime civil rights attorney Frank Hernandez knew little of the tragic and tangled story when the long-distance plea first came to his Dallas... More >>

  • Time of Their Lives

    published December 12, 2002

    In the recent pre-dawn promise of Arkansas' first ice storm of the season, sports author/journalist Jim Dent bundled himself, put his work on a... More >>

  • By the Book

    published November 28, 2002

    It was almost midnight when the banged-up Dodge Neon began weaving from one lane to another along North Central Expressway, traveling so slowly... More >>

  • Rough Skies

    published November 21, 2002

    It began as a bright, promising September morning on the sixth floor of the Dallas-based American Airlines headquarters. Staff members were... More >>

  • Likely Suspect

    published October 31, 2002

    They were, to those who knew them, young and bright and quickly gaining ground in their race toward the American Dream. Gary Faison, an... More >>

  • At Last, Justice

    published October 24, 2002

    Seated on the front row of a crowded Philadelphia courtroom last week, John Maddux, uncomfortable in the slacks and sports coat he'd been wearing... More >>

  • Leonard Bishop

    published September 26, 2002

    If you're to be the best, preaches Dallas Lincoln High basketball coach Leonard Bishop, you must stand ready to prove it. Which is exactly... More >>

  • CSI: Cedar Hill

    published September 26, 2002

    CEDAR HILL--On ordinary days as the arrival of autumn begins its faint whisper through south Dallas County, they go about their lives like most in... More >>

  • Life Without Father

    published September 12, 2002

    On a recent August evening, 16-year-old T.J. Davis retreated to his room, stretched his 6-foot frame across his bed and stared silently at the... More >>

  • Bad News, Good News

    published August 15, 2002

    It has become a tragic summer litany. Elizabeth Smart is kidnapped from her Salt Lake City home at gunpoint. In Stanton, California, a stranger... More >>

  • Making Book

    published July 25, 2002

    You need not bother reading this, Stephen King. Nor you, John Grisham or Mary Higgins Clark or you folks who crank out all that warm and fuzzy... More >>

  • Bearing Witness

    published July 18, 2002

    For the 11-year-old black boy growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, in the '60s, the steel industry mecca he called home offered a never-ending... More >>

  • Hope in Hell

    published July 11, 2002

    A hot, dusty Rio Grande Valley day gives way to twilight as people sit in their yards, shaded by wilted mesquite trees. Smoke from outdoor grills... More >>

  • Echoes of Hate

    published June 20, 2002

    The winding footpath that once connected the next-door homes of the two men is now overgrown, lost in a tangle of waist-high weeds and the shadows... More >>

  • Friend Indeed

    published May 30, 2002

    Twice in the life of 60-year-old Jose Antonio "Tony" Villegas there have been epiphanies that pointed the course for the mission he now... More >>

  • The Gambler

    published May 30, 2002

    To friends and music business associates, 43-year-old Ty Thomas is a former member of a popular early-'90s alternative pop-rock band from Dallas... More >>

  • Whistling Dixie

    published April 11, 2002

    "What do you know about the Dixie Mafia?""Nothing...They're not like the organized crime families. There's a bunch that deals... More >>

  • Desperate Measures

    published April 4, 2002

    "Sometimes it gets a little crazy. A couple of years ago, our owner hired this guy to ride a buffalo onto the arena floor every time we scored... More >>

  • Everybody Loves Romano

    published March 21, 2002

    The winter darkness was fast approaching, normally the signal to Dallas' street people to begin seeking safety and shelter. Their retreat would... More >>

  • Novel Idea

    published March 14, 2002

    ALPINE--Out in the heart of the sand-blown Trans-Pecos region of Texas where, as an ancient cowboy poet once wrote, "the rainbows wait for rain,"... More >>

  • "Today, a Generation Died."

    published February 21, 2002

    Lonnie Barber, janitor-driver for the New London School, watched as young children climbed aboard his bus, laughing and horseplaying. The... More >>

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