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  • What's Gray and Black and Pink All Over? This Look Seen at Sons of Hermann

    published Oct 31, 2011

    Name: Megan Sears, 27 Occupation: Speech therapist Location: Sons of Hermann Hall Style breakdown: Free People sweater, Target tights, velvet dress, ALDO necklace, Irregular Choice shoes. Influen... More >>

  • Here Are Some Photos of the V Spot

    published Oct 27, 2011

    Dallas welcomed yet another sexual double-entendre named eatery to the scene on Wednesday: the V Spot Vegan Café. I paid a visit to the tiny space, wedged between the Pearl Cup and We Are 1976 on H... More >>

  • Thrifty Finds and Timex Keep This Look Ticking at Reno's

    published Oct 27, 2011

    "I'm inspired by the 90s. I often [revert] back to my '90s, pre-teen self." Name: Blakely Soileau, 28 Occupation: Hair stylist Location: Reno's Chop Shop Style breakdown: "Vintage purse from Va... More >>

  • Missile

    published October 27, 2011

    Missile put the pedal to the metal on City Animals, their in-your-face, five-song EP that clocks in at just over 13 minutes. That's not much... More >>

  • Paging Dr. Doolittle

    published October 13, 2011

    New media artist Brittany Ransom is a visual, interactive artist who examines the divide between human, animal and environment. Take for... More >>

  • Amelia Victoria Embodies Band Geek Chic in Bellbottoms and 3D Glasses

    published Oct 21, 2011

    "I'm going for 'geeky band nerd' tonight, hence the 3D glasses" Name: Amelia Victoria, 24 Occupation: Yoga instructor Location: Reno's Chop Shop Style breakdown: "The Gorehounds t-shirt (because... More >>

  • And the Winners Are ... You

    published October 20, 2011

    A few years ago, you'd hear the happy-go-lucky, impossibly supportive local music fans shout their rallying cries, and you'd smile because,... More >>

  • Taylor Work(s) Blondie-Inspired Look in Deep Ellum

    published Oct 19, 2011

    "I never want to be one person, I always want to be different." Name: Taylor Work, 21 Occupation: Makeup stylist for NARS Location: Deep Ellum Style breakdown: Vintage blouse, Cheap Monday jean... More >>

  • Gallerycat's Gonzales Rocks Cheap Chic at Dada

    published Oct 17, 2011

    ​ "I just learned how to tie a bow tie in the last year, so I've started collecting bow ties." Name: Angelo Gonzales Occupation: Front man in Gallerycat Location: Dada Style breakdown: "Old Na... More >>

  • Time for a Pumpkin Beer Taste Test

    Time for a Pumpkin Beer Taste Test

    published Oct 13, 2011

    It's that time of year, when pumpkin-flavored, -scented and -shaped merchandise invades virtually every supermarket, convenience store, coffee shop, liquor store, restaurant and bar. Pumpkins are ever... More >>

  • East Meets West Meets Wall

    published October 6, 2011

    Craighead Green Gallery (1011 Dragon St.) presents a First Launch exhibition of works... More >>

  • Sarah Jaffe

    published October 13, 2011

    The Way Sound Leaves A Room is a short compilation of cover songs and demos intended to hold fans over while adored Denton-based... More >>

  • Hey, It's The First Ever Art Of Knox Street Festival

    published Oct 11, 2011

    On Saturday, October 22, Knox Street is hosting its first ever "Art of Knox" street festival. The event is being promoted as a celebration of all the different art forms the Knox neighborhood has to... More >>

  • Mannequin Advertises Free Public Art Exhibit, The Art of Sitting

    published Oct 10, 2011

    ​ Outside of Murray Street Coffee Shop in Deep Ellum a neon spray painted mannequin sits, chained to the base of a tree. Aurora is spelled out across her chest and right leg in stickers, and a pres... More >>

  • Matching Socks Required: Heather Rocks Two-Toned Oxfords at the Meddlesome Moth

    published Oct 07, 2011

    ​ Name: Heather Clark, 25 Occupation: Graphic Designer Location: Meddlesome Moth Style breakdown: "My shirt is from Anthropologie, tank top is from Target, pants and shoes are from Urban Outfitt... More >>

  • The Dallas Half-Priced Food and Drink Calendar

    published Oct 06, 2011

    Dallas loves its half-priced food and drink deals, and we're no different. That's why we built the above calendar of half-price food and drink deals, listing the restaurant and time under each day. ... More >>

  • Duran Duran's Roger Taylor Tells Us Why He Wishes He'd Kept His '80s Wardrobe

    published Oct 04, 2011

    Let's be real: If you've never heard of Duran Duran you clearly haven't been paying attention for the last three decades. Love 'em or hate 'em, the supergroup wrote some of the most memorable songs ... More >>

  • October's Openings and Closings from the Dallas Restaurant Scene

    October's Openings and Closings from the Dallas Restaurant Scene

    published Oct 04, 2011

    As summer comes to an end, a number of restaurants have opened and closed their doors. In-N-Out Burger continued its Texas growth with an Arlington location late last month. Lover's Lane Olive Oil Com... More >>

  • Taylor Channels Her Grandma's Style at the Granada.

    published Oct 03, 2011

    ​ "My grandma is the woman."Name: Taylor Rea Location: The Granada Theater Occupation: Singer in Zhora Style breakdown: "Knockoff Jeffrey Campbell wedges, roommate's clutch, grandma's vintage r... More >>

  • A Missile of New Wave Fashion Hits the Granada

    published Sep 28, 2011

    "Whatever music I'm listening to is how I look..."Name: Ariel Bender, 30 Occupation: Guitar player in Missile Location: The Granada Theater Style breakdown: Thrift store shirt and shoes, vintage ... More >>

  • Sundress

    published September 29, 2011

    After undergoing a few name changes (from This Old House to Odyssey and, finally, to Sundress) as well as a few lineup changes, Denton's... More >>

  • Bui in Bowtie and Boots

    published Sep 26, 2011

    "Everyday I look in the mirror and tell myself I'm the best thing in the universe. I'm not conceited, it just comes with the territory." Name: Linh Bui, 21 Location: The Granada Theater Style brea... More >>

  • Last Night: Erasure at House of Blues

    published Sep 26, 2011

    ErasureHouse of BluesSeptember 25, 2011Better than: Staying home and watching The Tank, The Swan, and The Balloon Live. ​Roadies placed mysterious steaming white ceramic mugs on the Gargoyle-infe... More >>

  • Valerie Looks Lovely In Leather

    published Sep 23, 2011

    "I'm a very colorful person, I wear a lot of colors and have color in my hair. I like to be edgy" Style breakdown: Vintage boots, mini dress, leather jacket, fringed suede purse.Name: Valerie Summ... More >>

  • Q&A: Erasure Synthmaster Vince Clarke Talks Collaboration with Frankmusik On New Album

    published Sep 22, 2011

    A video clip from Erasure's 1992 performance at the Apollo in Manchester, UK Andy Bell and Vince Clarke have been writing pop songs together as Erasure since 1985, and they remain, to this day, one ... More >>

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