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  • Bettysoo

    published December 8, 2011

    Don't let Bettysoo's size fool you — her voice can fill a room. Music has always been part of the Texas singer/guitarist's life,... More >>

  • Ray Wylie Hubbard

    published December 8, 2011

    "I was into more the lifestyle of a wild visionary than actually learning the craft of it," explains Ray Wylie Hubbard. "I didn't do... More >>

  • Byrd Song

    published December 8, 2011

    Like peanut butter and chocolate, Jonathan Byrd presents an appealing blend of flavors, combining the hill music of his native North Carolina... More >>

  • Kinky Friedman

    published November 24, 2011

    Austin's own lunatic laureate, Kinky Friedman, has been a fly in the ointment for four decades, working over country and honky-tonk with... More >>

  • So, How Does Kevin Fowler Feel About Beer?

    published November 24, 2011

    Singer Kevin Fowler and beer are so synonymous, you'd think he invented it and not Al Gore. The Amarillo native believes "The Lord Loves... More >>

  • Pterodactyl

    published November 17, 2011

    Brooklyn trio Pterodactyl just keep getting better. Their 2007 self-titled debut showcased a squalling math-rock act that combined the... More >>

  • Indian Jewelry, Prince Rama, Darktown Strutters, New Fumes

    published November 17, 2011

    They're spiritual kin of the Butthole Surfers, which is to say wild-eyed freaks bent backward at the psychedelic altar of mind-expanding... More >>

  • Junior Brown, Warren Hood

    published November 17, 2011

    Like the bottle cap or happy hour, seems Junior Brown's been with us forever. A talented guitarist with a voice booming enough for... More >>

  • Between the Buried and Me

    published November 17, 2011

    They're one of the most adventurous bands making music today, an experimental-metal act in thrall to a grab-bag of influences ranging from King... More >>

  • Sondre Lerche; here, in arms

    published November 10, 2011

    Had he come of age in the '70s during the golden age of the singer/songwriter, Sondre Lerche (pronounced "Sonder Lerkay") would likely... More >>

  • Billy Joe Shaver, Naptime Shake

    published November 10, 2011

    Willie Nelson called him "the best songwriter alive today," and Kris Kristofferson compared him to Hemingway. For the last four decades, the... More >>

  • Rasputina, Wilderness of Manitoba, Bravo Max!

    published November 10, 2011

    Twin cellos and drum trio Rasputina formed two decades ago, uniting Gothic sensibilities with Victorian style and biting social... More >>

  • A.A. Bondy, Gold Leaves

    published November 10, 2011

    A.A. Bondy is well into his second act as a musician after the dissolution of his band, Verbena. That Alabama outfit... More >>

  • Fake Problems Find Some Real Solutions

    published October 6, 2011

    The difference between a good band and a great one is in the evolution. Given enough time, any band can write a decent debut fueled... More >>

  • Frank Turner, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Into It Over It

    published September 29, 2011

    Frank Turner is finally shaking the old Billy Bragg comparisons with his fourth album, England Keep My Bones. He spent... More >>

  • Bright Eyes, First Aid Kit

    published September 15, 2011

    Adulthood is tough on boy geniuses. Really: How does it feel to have peaked at 22? This is not to suggest that Conor Oberst's... More >>

  • Agnostic Front, the Mongoloids, Naysayer, Hoodrat, Powertrip, Preatcher

    published September 15, 2011

    Though hardcore never completely disappeared, it spent plenty of time in the wilderness before its resurgence the last half-dozen years. The... More >>

  • Smith Westerns, Sundress

    published September 8, 2011

    They're pegged as glam-rock at times — perhaps because of the prominent use of organ or the way the melody of "All Die Young" seems to... More >>

  • Death Cab For Cutie, Frightened Rabbit

    published August 11, 2011

    There's a bittersweet warmth to Death Cab for Cutie's music that's reminiscent of their Pacific Northwest origins. Like Washington state... More >>

  • 25 Years In, The Dwarves Keep Growing

    published August 11, 2011

    The Dwarves harken back to a time when punk was more of an insult than a marketing term. Rebellious teens trafficking in outrage and anything... More >>

  • Avi Buffalo

    published August 4, 2011

    There's a sweetness and innocence to Avi Buffalo that's as indebted to leader Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg's tender age as it is the... More >>

  • For Their Second Act, Digitalism Gets Bromantic

    published August 4, 2011

    They're the odd couple of indie dance, two Germans with disparate gifts that unite to create a balance of throbbing beats and glimmering... More >>

  • Jessica Lea Mayfield

    published July 21, 2011

    Jessica Lea Mayfield was 19 when she released her 2008 full-length debut, With Blasphemy So Heartfelt. The album expanded upon the dark,... More >>

  • Kid Cudi, Chip Tha Ripper

    published July 14, 2011

    Kid Cudi's a polarizing rapper whose sonic creativity is either weighed down by gloomy self-indulgence or enhanced by his soul-baring... More >>

  • Lyle Lovett,John Hiatt

    published June 30, 2011

    Lyle Lovett emerged in the mid-'80s when, for a passing moment, Nashville invested as much in talent as looks. Lovett's first... More >>

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