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1995 Stories by David Pasztor

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  • The Chief, the Scotsman, the Swindler, and the Killer

    published November 16, 1995

    Glen Coleman's killer was not one for subtlety. When Coleman's body was found, somebody had plugged him so many times with a .45 that bullet holes... More >>

  • Rogue Yogurt

    published October 19, 1995

    The weekend was warm in Colorado, the type of weather that puts a jingle in the cash register of anyone with something sweet and cold to peddle.... More >>

  • Yemengate

    published October 5, 1995

    Yemen is a meager country, cobbled together from rock and sand on the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula. A sporadically volatile confederation... More >>

  • Arenas in the sky

    published September 21, 1995

    It's been too much for one poor man to bear. First, David L. Park watched the city of Dallas twist itself into knots trying to build a new... More >>

  • Who's afraid of Robert rose?

    published August 24, 1995

    Jimmy Lewis White ran a red Volkswagen Beetle off the side of Highway 820 on Jan-uary 15, 1995. The Bug apparently flipped and rolled, killing... More >>

  • Fit to be fried

    published May 11, 1995

    When Cloyce Box was alive, three things seemed destined to come his way: money, notoriety, and lawsuits. Box may have left behind his... More >>

  • True believers

    published May 4, 1995

    By nightfall last Tuesday, the Ambassador Room of the Regal Row Ramada Inn held more empty chairs than crowd. The rumor of television cameras had... More >>

  • Lambs to the slaughter

    published March 9, 1995

    Randall Dale Adams is married and living a quiet life in Columbus, Ohio, near his mother and family. Clarence Brandley has turned to preaching,... More >>

  • Bad Company

    published March 2, 1995

    Every Tuesday evening, several hundred profoundly disaffected citizens gather in the ballroom of a hotel near Dallas Love Field. Tax... More >>

  • Uncharitable charges

    published February 2, 1995

    Each year, the Texas branch of the American Cancer Society receives $21 million and change in donations from the state's good citizens--individual... More >>

  • One Scared Puppy

    published January 19, 1995

    A mere three years ago, optimism reigned at the Dallas headquarters of Greyhound Lines, Inc. The venerable bus company, thread of the American... More >>

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