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  • 21 years ago | Longform

    Dale Lane was seething. Just the other day, a friend had called the 27-year-old Dallas rapper--better known by his stage name, Goldfinger--long-distance from Florida. "Man, did you see your new album?" the friend asked. "Man, it's all over the pla...

  • 21 years ago

    John Battaglia was riffling through some billing invoices on his desk three years ago when he noticed something odd. A certified public accountant, Battaglia was among the troops assembled by the Resolution Trust Corporation to pick through the wr...

  • 22 years ago | Longform

    For months, Lincoln High School's librarian, Helen "Bobbie" Welsh, had struggled to operate a four-person library with the help of a single assistant. The stress had begun to take its toll:She was suffering from debilitating back and neck spasms a...

  • 22 years ago

    Daisy Joe divides the world simply. You are either on the side of good, or the side of evil. You either do right, or you do wrong. And if you do wrong, she will come for you with a picket sign. As director of Black Citizens for Justice, Law and...

  • 22 years ago

    After two years of enduring suspicion that she helped murder her husband, Joan Ridgway finds herself once again a suspect in what authorities are now describing as a murder-for-hire scheme against former Dallas Cowboys punter Colin Ridgway. Joan R...

  • 22 years ago | Longform

    On April 25, 1994, the weather-radar screen on Bill Gaither's television was ominous. The Lancaster city manager apprehensively watched the red blips as they moved toward his city. The pulsating pinpoints of light predicted a swift and destructive...


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