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2004 Stories by Elaine Liner

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  • Hang on, Snoopy

    published December 16, 2004

    Can Snoopy be due for a comeback? Back in the 1960s and '70s, the black and white beagle and his pie-faced little pals from Charles M. Schulz's... More >>

  • Fright Before Christmas

    published December 2, 2004

    Zombies do not deliver Christmas cheer. A small squad of the eerie undead stomp onstage to represent the Spirits of Christmases Yet to Come in Act... More >>

  • Chasing His Tale

    published November 25, 2004

    There are only so many Cratchits and Nutcrackers and flock-watching shepherds a person can stomach this time of year. It's nice to see theaters... More >>

  • Porn Yesterday

    published November 18, 2004

    They're packing 'em in over at Teatro Dallas for the touring production of Making Porn, a lurid little comedy about the gay... More >>

  • Acting on Assumptions

    published November 4, 2004

    Tom Stoppard is a tough sell to the typical theatergoer. And by typical I mean a real die-hard fan of live performance who pays to see several... More >>

  • Wilde Party

    published October 28, 2004

    The story goes that when Oscar Wilde traveled to America in 1881, he was asked by a customs agent if he had anything to declare. "Only my genius,"... More >>

  • Dungeons and Drag Queens

    published October 21, 2004

    Let's do the time warp again and again and again. The Rocky Horror Show returns, this time at Contemporary Theatre of... More >>

  • Blues States

    published October 14, 2004

    What is it about the blues that makes feeling bad feel so good? Two new productions are singing the blues in different ways--one musically, one... More >>

  • Party Favors

    published October 7, 2004

    Now this is a party. Uptown Players close out their third season with an orgy of writhing bods and steamy hook-ups in a production... More >>

  • We, the Jury

    published September 30, 2004

    We need Atticus Finch. Dedicated, decent, a scholar and father, Finch is the main adult character in Harper Lee's perfect 1960 novel To Kill a... More >>

  • Grain Man

    published September 23, 2004

    Angus can't remember anything for five minutes. Or three minutes. Or two. He has a steel plate in his head from a war injury. His short-term... More >>

  • Smokin'

    published September 16, 2004

    Smoke and poetry thicken the air in Anna in the Tropics, now onstage in an intensely passionate production at Dallas Theater... More >>

  • Something to Sneeze At

    published September 9, 2004

    As midlife crises go, Marjorie Taub's is a monster. In agony over the death of her therapist, Marjorie, the main character in Charles Busch's... More >>

  • The Big Tease

    published August 26, 2004

    Flapping and honking like geese in a yard, the six female characters in Steel Magnolias are exaggerated versions of pushy Southern... More >>

  • Leaves of Crass

    published August 19, 2004

    Skid Row never looked so clean. Every ugly, filthy, creepy, scary detail of the original film it was based on has been scrubbed away in the... More >>

  • No People Like Show People

    published August 12, 2004

    "The American theater's in a shitload of trouble," the "stage manager" says to the audience in Anton in Show Business, Jane Martin's... More >>

  • Porn to Be Mild

    published August 5, 2004

    You'll come for the title. You'll stay for 70 minutes. And you'll go home thinking of punch lines infinitely funnier than the ones coming from the... More >>

  • They Got Served

    published July 1, 2004

    Sometimes a few orders of well-made appetizers can be as satisfying as a four-course meal. So it is with The Dining Room, now... More >>

  • Long Time No See

    published June 24, 2004

    The first words the audience hears in the Richardson Theatre Centre production of the thriller Wait Until Dark come from... More >>

  • Hearts and Letters

    published June 17, 2004

    Hardly anyone writes love letters anymore. Sigh. Real billets-doux, the kind penned in inky swirls on creamy paper, have given way to the... More >>

  • Museum Quality

    published June 10, 2004

    Questions about art, race, ethics and language spark passionate arguments in the provocative new play Permanent Collection, currently the... More >>

  • Song of the Soused

    published June 3, 2004

    Cocktail hour extends to nearly three in WaterTower Theatre's bouncy, boozy production of Company. The Stephen Sondheim-George Furth... More >>

  • Singing Fuels

    published May 20, 2004

    It's hard not to like a show that raffles off chess pies at intermission. Pump Boys and Dinettes, now playing at Contemporary... More >>

  • Dublin Up

    published May 13, 2004

    Marie Jones' 1999 Irish comedy Stones in His Pockets, the final production of Theatre Three's current subscription season,... More >>

  • All About Evelyn

    published May 6, 2004

    Truth is, from the female perspective, all men are fixer-uppers. There's always at least one thing he does wrong that, were he to fix it according... More >>

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