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2008 Stories by Glenna Whitley

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  • A Fourth Of Fun

    published July 3, 2008

    Fast horses, gambling, fireworks and the chance to win a new car. Sounds like Wheel of Fortune when Vanna's showing her cleavage. On... More >>

  • American Girls

    published June 19, 2008

    On New Year's Day, Patricia Said stood at the door of a small house in a Hispanic neighborhood of Lewisville, pleading with her daughter Amina... More >>

  • Phony Heroes

    published June 5, 2008

    Once a month or so, a small group of old warriors gather for lunch at Dunston's Steakhouse on Harry Hines Boulevard. They don't look... More >>

  • White Rock Lake Neighbors Want to Know Whose Bright Idea It Was to Install Lights

    published May 1, 2008

    After moving into his new contemporary home on a bluff overlooking White Rock Lake, Chip Northrup was riding his bicycle when he noticed... More >>

  • Shared Spirit

    published May 1, 2008

    The sheer joy exhibited by the dancers and singers with Empower African Children is nothing short of captivating. The 22 performers, ages 9 to 22,... More >>

  • Sweet Charity

    published May 1, 2008

    The "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" party started in 1999 as a ladies-only dance bash and fund-raiser for the Dallas Children's Theater. Good idea.... More >>

  • Dallas Has a Real-Life Dr. Gregory House in Dr. Richard Buch

    published April 10, 2008

    When Linda Bajadali first saw Dr. Richard G. Buch, she thought he was a "rebel." The tall surgeon in scrubs and lab coat wore a red, white and... More >>

  • Get a Cru

    published April 3, 2008

    Sampling a vineyard's varied wines is one of the great pleasures of visiting Napa Valley. If you can't make it to the Stags Leap District, try the... More >>

  • Stealth Health

    published April 3, 2008

    Moms with picky eaters snapped up her first Sneaky Chef cookbook and learned how to hide zucchini in muffins. But how to get... More >>

  • Dallas Lawyer Specializes in Animal Welfare and Rights

    published March 20, 2008

    Veterinary malpractice, wrongful canine death, lawsuits against unethical breeders—the legal system is going to the... More >>

  • Black Widow Pleads Guilty

    published February 28, 2008

    Looking as pale as a ghost, her once raven-black hair now gray, Sandra Camille Bridewell shuffled into a federal courtroom in North Carolina... More >>

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