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2014 Stories by Gustavo Arellano

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  • Gustavo Arellano

    Why Aren't Italians Called Latinos?

    published April 17, 2014

    Dear Mexican: One thing I find a little antagonizing is the use of the term "Latino" as a synonym only for "Hispanic." I've noticed that you... More >>

  • Gustavo Arellano

    Why do Mexicans Say Mande?

    published April 10, 2014

    Even though throughout the years since I came to the U.S. 20 years ago I have seen it happening with less frequency, the use by Mexicans of... More >>

  • Gustavo Arellano

    Mexicans Hate Mexicans Most

    published April 3, 2014

    Dear Mexican: I'm a second-generation Orange County-raised pocho. Both sides of my family have been civil rights... More >>

  • Gustavo Arellano

    When Mexicans Give You Limes, Make Limeade

    published March 27, 2014

    Dear Mexican: Can you help me unravel the citrus dilemma? When I am in Mexico or a Mexican restaurant or market I am unable to find lemons... More >>

  • Gustavo Arellano

    Bare Midriffs Expose Every Woman's Goddess

    published March 13, 2014

    Dear Mexican: The current clothing trend is for ladies to wear low-cut jeans and belly shirts that expose their midriffs. That looks great... More >>

  • Gustavo Arellano

    Desegregation Wasn't Just a Black Affair

    published March 6, 2014

    Dear Mexican: My dad says when he was a kid growing up in Downey, California, they used to open the local plunge (pool) to... More >>

  • Gustavo Arellano

    What's With the Cousin-hate in Mexican families?

    published February 27, 2014

    Dear Mexican: Why is there in every Mexican family a jealous cousin driven by insecurity? Must Excuse Vulgar-Ass Lingual... More >>

  • Gustavo Arellano

    Meatless Mexicans

    published February 20, 2014

    Dear Mexican: Do you agree with gente who think you can't be vegetarian if you're Mexican 'cause meat is an essential... More >>

  • Gustavo Arellano

    A Felony Record Seals the Deal in Deportation

    published February 13, 2014

    Dear Mexican: I know an 18-year-old getting deported from the USA. He has been here since he was 5 years old. His entire family is here and... More >>

  • Stuck in the Middle

    published February 6, 2014

    Dear Mexican: Why is it that many first-generation Latino students are so quick to judge and alienate second-generation students just... More >>

  • Travel Advisory

    published January 30, 2014

    Dear Mexican: I am a butt-white Irish guy, happily married to a beautiful Chicana. Her familia is from a gorgeous... More >>

  • Unfriendly Skies

    published January 23, 2014

    Dear Mexican: I have a question for you about los mexicanos and the TSA, my most hated useless government agency. I... More >>

  • What's Wrong With Diversity?

    published January 16, 2014

    Dear Mexican: I work in one of those progressive companies. Most of the gabachos bosses are actually pretty cool … at least when your... More >>

  • Immigrants Are People Too

    published January 9, 2014

    Dear Mexican: How do we humanize the illegals in this country? I've been in this country illegally for 16 years, y ya chole... More >>

  • Should Latinos Who Mispronounce Their Own Names Be Corrected?

    published January 2, 2014

    Dear Mexican: One of my pet peeves is Latinos who pronounce their last names with Anglo accents. For example, Rod-driguez instead of... More >>

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