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  • Leave 'em Laughing

    published December 26, 2013

    Dear Readers: Since it's the end of the year and the Mexican is on his 18th tamale (made by the mujeres in his family, of course),... More >>

  • What Books on Mexicans Should I Buy this Christmas?

    published December 19, 2013

    Dear Readers: Behold your favorite Mexican's annual Christmas gift guide, where I give shout-outs to some of my favorite books that deserve... More >>

  • Don't Call Low-income Problems a Mexican Thing

    published December 12, 2013

    Dear Mexican: You mocked and didn't answer the legitimate questions raised in a letter to you a couple of weeks ago, from the guy who didn't... More >>

  • Who Needs Coffee?

    published December 5, 2013

    Dear Mexican: I find myself at odds with my peers because I don't like coffee or coffee drinks. I need to find a substitute beverage that... More >>

  • What Do Mexicans Want With America Anyway?

    published November 21, 2013

    Dear Mexican: I watched the brown pride marches of the early 1970s and heard the shouts of "La Raza" and how it was going to be different... More >>

  • Can Terrorists Enter the U.S. Web Deck: Through the Mexican Border?

    published November 14, 2013

    Dear Mexican: Could it really be possible for a terrorist to sneak into the U.S. through the southern border, or is that just more... More >>

  • An Immigration Lawyer's Lament

    published November 7, 2013

    Dear Mexican: I'm a pocha immigration attorney. Why do Mexicans seem to want me to lie to them and steal their money,... More >>

  • Be Proud, Chihuahuas

    published October 31, 2013

    Dear Mexican: My hometown of El Paso is getting a new AAA baseball team. The owning group just announced the name: the El Paso Chihuahuas.... More >>

  • What's the Right Way to Translate Day of the Dead?

    published October 24, 2013

    Dear Mexican: I was surprised, on a trip to Mexico earlier this month, that I only ever found the holiday referred to as "Día de... More >>

  • There Goes the Neighborhood

    published October 17, 2013

    Dear Mexican: My wife and I are looking to buy our first house. Being young(ish) and hip(ish), we're looking into buying in Santa Ana. It's... More >>

  • Ask a Mexican on Why Mexican Men Don't Go Baja

    published October 10, 2013

    Dear Mexican: A friend says she read that only 20 percent of Mexican men go down on their ladies. Can you "spread" some light on the... More >>

  • It's Time to Abandon the Catholic Church

    published October 3, 2013

    Dear Mexican: I’m a Mexican-American Catholic who is really upset about something I saw after Mass last night. As I waited for my son... More >>

  • Prison Sentences for Illegal Immigration a Bad Idea?

    published September 26, 2013

    Dear Mexican: With the current state and federal prison system spitting out even harder criminals due to overcrowding and gang activity... More >>

  • Why Does Mexico's National Soccer Team Suck So Much?

    published September 19, 2013

    Dear Mexican: Can I "Ask a Mexican" why El Tri sucks so much? And why a little stadium in Columbus, Ohio, was louder and more passionate... More >>

  • Mexico wants Nevada too? Somehow, we're OK with that.

    published September 12, 2013

    Dear Mexican: I have a Mexican friend at work, and we happened to get in a discussion that started off fine — but I believe that I... More >>

  • Whatever Happened to the Lazy Mexican?

    published August 29, 2013

    Dear Readers: The Mexican wants to beat you to the carne asada case this Labor Day fin de semana, so behold two oldies-but-goodies I... More >>

  • Time to Wake Up

    published August 22, 2013

    Dear Mexican: In a nutshell, you inspired me to rediscover my culture, my pride as a Mexican and love for my people (though it's hard to... More >>

  • Hooray for Mexico's Mutts

    published August 15, 2013

    Dear Mexican: This pregunta has been simmering in my brain for a while, and the recent question about whether saying... More >>

  • Being a Road Jerk is a Man Thing

    published August 8, 2013

    Dear Mexican: My coworker was driving to work this morning when she realized she was being followed by a Mexican in his vehicle. He followed... More >>

  • Viva Us!

    published August 1, 2013

    Dear Mexican: I'm curious as to the meaning of the term "Viva la Raza" that I have often heard expressed by my friends and family. I know... More >>

  • Blame the Church?

    published July 25, 2013

    Dear Mexican: I had a conversation today with an 18-year-old Mexican co-worker that blew me away. She has a 3-month-old with her 19-year-old... More >>

  • Aztecs Among Us?

    published July 4, 2013

    My recent columna about whether Aztec savagery influences violence in Mexico today drew muchos responses. Here are... More >>

  • Get Your Mexican Soaps in English

    published June 13, 2013

    Dear Mexican: In Philadelphia, there are three Spanish-language stations on regular broadcast television. None of them offer English... More >>

  • Tips for Hungry Brits

    published June 6, 2013

    Dear Readers: U.K.'s spectacular Guardian newspaper has asked if I could field some questions for their readers as part of the paper's... More >>

  • Do Mexicans Love Guns as Much as We Do?

    published May 23, 2013

    Dear Mexican: Like many Americans, I've heard about the "Fast and Furious" scandal in which our own ATF was shown to be corrupt and guilty... More >>

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