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  • 21 years ago

    Asked how he's feeling before he and his band, Doosu, hit the stage at Trees, Casey Hess--speaking over his shoulder as he bolts toward the men's room to relieve his bladder--says that he's relaxed. Later, in the club's backstage "green room," the...

  • 21 years ago

    I wandered around the Dallas music scene lonely as a freelance cloud, the Dallas Observer Music Awards were about as interesting to me as a medium-sized rock in a coffee can. Who cares what anybody else thinks? Ah, the carefree ways of callow yout...

  • 21 years ago

    Slouching toward distinction Equus Plebeian Monarchs Carpe Diem Records Like another band on the local Carpe Diem label, Cafe Noir, Plebeian Monarch's music is a reconstitution of familiar melodies. But Plebian Monarch's Equus lacks what Cafe Noir...

  • 21 years ago

    The rain bombs out the street before Peter Thomas, and he wonders if the adverse weather will significantly affect the turnout this Saturday night. He and two bandmates, Aaron Lyons and Mark Sodders, stand under the overhang of the Dogstar, one of...

  • 21 years ago | Longform

    Sometime in the early 21st century--when America is scourged everywhere by violent crime, and terrorist groups roam the world with biological weapons and suitcase-sized nuclear bombs--a computer programming genius and his Dallas-based company perf...

  • 22 years ago

    Dave Abbruzzese rallies bandmates Paul Slavens, Doug Neil, and Gary Muller for a firewood run--a trip out in the 4X4 to scavenge dead branches for the fireplace at Abbruzzese's North Texas recording retreat. David Castell chooses to stay behind to...


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