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  • The DMA Offers An American Tale In Art of the American Indians: The Thaw Collection

    published Jul 20, 2011

    Art of the American Indians: The Thaw Collection, a traveling exhibit from the Fenimore Art Museum of Cooperstown, New York, at the Dallas Museum of Art, gives a glimpse of the cultural, social and mi... More >>

  • A Reel Dance Fest

    published July 7, 2011

    Once in blue moon, a much-hyped film about dance reinvigorates interest in the art. A recent example, Black Swan, explores the dark underbelly of... More >>

  • Summer Reads: Six Science Fiction and Fantasy Books To Take You On a Trip

    Summer Reads: Six Science Fiction and Fantasy Books To Take You On a Trip

    published Jul 06, 2011

    It's Christmas in July for science-fiction and fantasy fans. In the coming weeks, both "American Tolkien" George R. R. Martin and urban fantasy master Jim Butcher will flood the market with new books ... More >>

  • Pull A Cork From It

    published June 30, 2011

    Über-aficionados of the vine bandy about terms like 'horizontal wine tasting' and 'Methuselah,' respectively meaning a tasting of a group of... More >>

  • Give Him His Coloured Coat

    published June 23, 2011

    Imagine you are a 14-year-old girl on a school trip to Washington, D.C. You hail from a very conservative Baptist section of Texas. As a part of... More >>

  • S.C. Gwynne Enraptures Via <I>Lonesome Dove</I> Dreams and Comanche Conflict

    S.C. Gwynne Enraptures Via Lonesome Dove Dreams and Comanche Conflict

    published Jun 22, 2011

    Most writers - even the successful ones - only fantasize about publishing a best-selling book, much less see their work translated onto the big screen by a team of Hollywood A-listers. Both happene... More >>

  • View At Arm's Length

    published June 16, 2011

    Contemporary art is a mystery. Its definition is nebulous, beyond the qualification that it be created by someone, you know, contemporary. Sigh.... More >>

  • Last Night David McCullough Was Clear: <I>The Greater Journey</I> is All About the French

    Last Night David McCullough Was Clear: The Greater Journey is All About the French

    published Jun 09, 2011

    Nattily dressed in a dark suit and red and blue striped tie, serious historian David McCullough let his droll humor shine through last night during his Arts & Letters Live appearance at the Fairmont H... More >>

  • See It, Then You Won't Feel So Bad

    published June 9, 2011

    The Sound of Music is the pinnacle of musicals filmed during the golden age of Hollywood musicals in the '60s. The sizzling... More >>

  • Book It to the DMA

    published June 9, 2011

    Before he became the best-selling author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, Rick Riordan was a middle school teacher. You can't... More >>

  • Two Texan Filmmakers Contend for Oscar's Little Brother

    Two Texan Filmmakers Contend for Oscar's Little Brother

    published Jun 08, 2011

    A short film by two Texans that's played on the festival circuit from San Francisco to Sarasota, including South by Southwest and Dallas International Film Festival, is a finalist for Oscar's little b... More >>

  • Summer Reads: Seven Beachworthy Books

    Summer Reads: Seven Beachworthy Books

    published Jun 03, 2011

    Sex, spies and Sookie Stackhouse: that's what makes our first summer reading list go 'round. Brace yourself; there's not a Stieg Larsson novel in sight. This month, in honor of summer vacation, we a... More >>

  • Grab Your Stovepipe and Dance

    published June 2, 2011

    One topic public education in Texas doesn't cover is conjecture that Abraham Lincoln might have batted for the other team. While we'll never know... More >>

  • It's A Benefit In Bloom

    published June 2, 2011

    Calling all aspiring green thumbs: Do your plants a favor and swing over to North Haven Gardens for Plant the Town Pink, a fundraiser for... More >>

  • Ball's In Your Court

    published May 26, 2011

    For awkward teens, the thought of playing volleyball triggers horrifying flashbacks of a ball sailing toward one's face during middle school gym... More >>

  • Dallas Comic Con: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should've Gone

    Dallas Comic Con: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should've Gone

    published May 23, 2011

    ‚ÄčThe loudspeaker cut through the low roar of chatter on the convention center floor. "Attention: Carrie Fisher is in the building." The former Star Wars babe slipped in and out of the building like ... More >>

  • Stan The Man Lee at Dallas Comic Con: I Still Draw Stick Figures

    Stan "The Man" Lee at Dallas Comic Con: "I Still Draw Stick Figures"

    published May 23, 2011

    Stan Lee, godfather of Marvel Comics and creator of Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Avengers, Incredible Hulk and X-Men, spilled secrets about comics and cameos Sunday afternoon at Dallas Comic ... More >>

  • At the Heart of the Woman

    published May 19, 2011

    Betty Friedan opened the proverbial can of worms when she introduced the phrase "feminine mystique" into the vernacular. Friedan's diagnosis for... More >>

  • Dallas Comic Con: Fanboys and Girls Gear Up For Stan Lee, Spock and Leia

    Dallas Comic Con: Fanboys and Girls Gear Up For Stan Lee, Spock and Leia

    published May 18, 2011

    Galaxies will collide when a pair of science fiction icons, Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy and Star Wars' Carrie Fisher, enter the same orbit at Dallas Comic Con at Irving Convention Center this weekend. I... More >>

  • Dive In

    published May 12, 2011

    Sink into summer at the très chic Hotel ZaZa with a visit to the hotel’s gallery—not the pool. Wet, an exhibition... More >>

  • Watch for Asphalt Arabesques

    published May 5, 2011

    Sidewalks are social spaces native to the urban landscape. Cafes spill out upon them; busking musicians claim their corners. They're also shared... More >>

  • It's Child's Play Day

    published April 21, 2011

    Children, with their unfettered egos, often confound adults. It's an odd notion, since we all used to be kids -- no matter how long ago.... More >>

  • Shop a Century of History

    published April 14, 2011

    In the frenzy of fetes for Ebby Halliday’s 100th birthday, Dallas hasn’t forgotten the city’s other new centenarian: White Rock... More >>

  • The Original King of Wrap

    published April 7, 2011

    Nosy scientists, armed with increasingly complicated technology, are unearthing dirty little secrets sealed for millennia in the tombs of ancient... More >>

  • Heavy Loaded Fruit Trees

    published March 31, 2011

    Burlesque is the flaming phoenix of American theater traditions; the alcoholic-fueled free-for-all was effectively extinguished by Prohibition... More >>

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