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  • Building Dallas

    published February 2, 2006

    Driving the High Five every day, it's hard to imagine the awesomeness that is modern architecture in your rearview mirror. For such an established... More >>

  • Them's Fightin' Words

    published March 2, 2006

    When Kermit the Frog sang, "It's not easy being green," he obviously wasn't talking about being a transplant in Dallas. Every hockey season since... More >>

  • Cold Jelly

    published January 19, 2006

    These days, entertainment is not just about the show anymore. With hundreds of cable channels and special feature-packed DVDs, we want more than a... More >>

  • Dog Days

    published January 26, 2006

    For the record, let's just set one thing straight: Chinese New Year rocks. It very well could be the best holiday in the world. It lasts 14 days... More >>

  • Paint It White

    published January 5, 2006

    Once upon a time, Robert Ryman worked as a guard at New York's Museum of Modern Art. Day in and day out he watched people admire the works of art... More >>

  • Zed Again

    published January 12, 2006

    You know it. You love it. You own every special edition DVD, action figure and promo poster ever released. And, for a brief while, you pissed off... More >>

  • Dancing King

    published January 12, 2006

    A couple of years ago I was treated to a dance recital at a local institution of higher education. Maybe it was my closed-minded nature (or the... More >>

  • Stage-old Question

    published February 9, 2006

    Love is a four-letter word. Probably the most used subject in all of the arts, people just can't get enough of it. There's even a holiday for... More >>

  • Desperadoration

    published February 23, 2006

    Once, while in the throes of a Sunday morning hangover, I agreed to go to a Dallas Desperados football game with a friend. To me, football... More >>

  • Hello, Sugimoto

    published September 14, 2006

    My favorite building in the metroplex is, hands down, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. I'll use any excuse under the sun for a visit, and... More >>

  • It's Dream Time

    published March 16, 2006

    Here's a tried-and-true fact—every girl in America (including myself), will always love Jake Ryan. Damn that Sammy Baker Davis Jr. girl. In... More >>

  • Bloomin' Sunday

    published March 23, 2006

    With such a mild winter this year, it's hard to imagine seasons at all. You always hear that Texas weather can change on the turn of a dime, but... More >>

  • Sample Shop

    published March 30, 2006

    When I was a kid, Mom would sometimes insist that I go grocery shopping with her. Since she wasn't big on impulse buys, there was little... More >>

  • Around the World in 24

    published April 6, 2006

    There were always the kids that had a bit of nerd in them. They had more books than your mom, and you could see them coming a mile away with their... More >>

  • Gone to the Dogs

    published April 13, 2006

    These days, holiday observance has given way to social fun, and this weekend is no exception. You'll be likely to find more people celebrating... More >>

  • Call to Arms

    published April 20, 2006

    Once, this guy I dated called me "a big bag of apathy." I would have been pretty offended had I actually taken the time to care, but like many... More >>

  • Table Talk

    published April 27, 2006

    Has your love of IKEA abated yet? You haven't been there in a couple of weeks, but that could just be because your only friend with a truck has... More >>

  • Bagged, Not Bored

    published May 4, 2006

    With comic books and graphic novels making the leap from the page to the screen so often now, you're just going to have to admit it. You like the... More >>

  • 'Saur Feet

    published May 11, 2006

    Everything I ever needed to know about science I learned by watching Jeff Goldblum. Some of the lessons I've picked up along the way: When working... More >>

  • Barely Passing

    published June 22, 2006

    Did you hear about Dakota Fanning's rehab stint last year? Of course it was a joke, though some people didn't find it all that funny. E! learned... More >>

  • On a Bender

    published May 18, 2006

    Chances are you already know everything there is to know about The Breakfast Club, so there's nothing I can say that hasn't been... More >>

  • Gotharinas

    published May 25, 2006

    Fusion is a concept I've never been comfortable with. No one can deny the greatness that is the spork, but the skort? Come on. The problem with... More >>

  • Playing Games

    published June 1, 2006

    There's something to be said about men in skirts—especially if they can toss 100- to 120-pound cabers (those giant, heavy wooden poles)... More >>

  • Junior Varsity

    published June 8, 2006

    Your experience with theater in high school was limited to a shoddy adaptation of Twelve Angry Men. Or Our Town. Or any other play... More >>

  • Illustrating the Theater

    published June 15, 2006

    Here's one more reason to eschew the cineplex down the street: The Magnolia Bar Gallery (located inside the Magnolia Theatre in the West Village)... More >>

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