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  • The Clint and the Dead

    published December 27, 2007

    As a seventh-grade movie fan, I was about as sophisticated as Joe Bob Briggs, but without the irony. All a movie required was bullets, blood or... More >>

  • Funny With Bubbly

    published December 27, 2007

    Let's briefly review 2007. Presidential campaigning began in earnest. Wildfires in California. The Virginia Tech massacre. Turns out everything... More >>

  • Dallas' Best Music

    published December 27, 2007

    In the pages that follow, our corporate overlords provide an alternative to gratuitous music writer geekdom and end-of-year lists, but being... More >>

  • Making a List, Checking It Twice

    published December 27, 2007

    The holidays are a time of family, schmaltzy Christmas commercials that somehow make you cry and, for music journalists, list-making. Lots and... More >>

  • Iced Out and About

    published December 20, 2007

    If you're reading this to find something to do on the one day when almost everything in North Texas is closed, it's possible that you're stranded... More >>

  • Light It Up

    published December 20, 2007

    The Dallas area has several neighborhoods whose residents go over the top with Christmas displays. There's the visible-from-space wattage draping... More >>

  • Happy Christmas, Your Arse

    published December 20, 2007

    The best Christmas songs, whether they're classic carols or new favorites, embody whatever you love about the holiday. The worst, on the... More >>

  • Bless the Child by Rocking Out

    published December 20, 2007

    The Dallas Observer music section strives to be your go-to source for sports-talk radio news, naturally, so we'd be remiss not to... More >>

  • Wormhole

    published December 6, 2007

    It's safe to assume that none of the artworks entered in Fort Worth ISD's Got Gas? contest in May were re-submitted for the Buzzworms... More >>

  • Bridges and Blinking Lights, Colour Revolt, Handbrake

    published December 13, 2007

    Bridges and Blinking Lights straddle that line that divides the area's roots- and Americana-influenced rockers from the pearl-snap crowd.... More >>

  • The Demigs, Deep Snapper, Raised by Tigers

    published December 13, 2007

    Sometimes it seems like the best acts in the area these days are turning down the volume on their guitars to make way for more intricate... More >>

  • West Texas Vistas

    published December 6, 2007

    For those who rarely escape Dallas, it's easy to forget the diversity of natural beauty in Texas: beaches, forests, plains and even mountains.... More >>

  • Big-Screen Hunter

    published December 6, 2007

    You should have heard the cheer when we were told that Hunter S. Thompson's cremains had just been blasted into the sky above his Colorado... More >>

  • Con for the City

    published December 6, 2007

    Performances by Red Monroe, Kristy Kruger, Sarah Jaffe, and The St. Anthony Gospel Choir, and DJ sets by Sober and Eddie Ruiz are reason enough to... More >>

  • Tinsel and Tassels

    published November 29, 2007

    Nothing enlivens family holiday gatherings quite like a burlesque routine. My favorite Thanksgiving ever was at the home of my mother-in-law two... More >>

  • Knock Out

    published November 22, 2007

    Before I preview Bootstraps Comedy Theater's current production, I should disclose one particular facet of my taste in comedy: I never find... More >>

  • The Bully

    published November 15, 2007

    Tom Wilson as manure-plagued bully Biff in Back to the Future was my childhood's idealized bully. He was a cowardly brute, pure... More >>

  • Picture Pages

    published November 15, 2007

    It's a tragic historical irony that the spiritual descendants of some of the world's greatest artists have devolved into so many dullards who'd... More >>

  • Relax About Money

    published November 8, 2007

    I don't see how investing in armchairs could possibly be a good idea. Who buys them new? You can find armchairs free near practically any... More >>

  • Double Fantasy

    published November 8, 2007

    Considering this item is in a paper funded by ads for titty bars, hopefully nobody reading it is part of Hannah Montana's target... More >>

  • One Man's Trash

    published November 1, 2007

    From Trash to Treasure, an exhibit by the White Rock Lake Museum and Bath House Cultural Center, boasts garden gnomes, computers, a... More >>

  • Three Times the Art

    published October 25, 2007

    Conduit Gallery's current exhibitions feature three artists whose works bring to light those uncomfortable, embarrassing or intensely personal... More >>

  • Pave it to save it?

    published October 25, 2007

    Will Rogers, asked during a Dallas visit what to do with the Trinity River, reportedly suggested "Pave it." Most of the City Council agrees,... More >>

  • Cheech and Von

    published October 25, 2007

    Butch Lord is no Bill Hicks, but reality-show comic Theo Von is about as funny as a dead puppy. A typical Lord performance includes a few... More >>

  • Beauty of the Warrior

    published October 18, 2007

    To call a Shaolin Warriors performance a martial arts demonstration is like describing a symphony as a bunch of musical notes played... More >>

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