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  • Beers Of The Year

    Beers Of The Year

    published Dec 31, 2010

    ​Overall, it's been another great year for beer, at least from my perspective here in North Texas. If I didn't suspect reader list burnout, I could probably do another top 10 piece on the best devel... More >>

  • Oden's Omen

    published December 30, 2010

    The Portland Trail Blazers have been hovering under .500 and in the bottom of the Western Conference Northwest division while your... More >>

  • But That's My Life!

    published December 30, 2010

    Following funnyman Neil Hamburger on Twitter is like a peek into the mind of an obsessive madman, albeit a hilarious one. If you had no... More >>

  • Hophead's Personal Top 10 Beers Of The Year

    Hophead's Personal Top 10 Beers Of The Year

    published Dec 29, 2010

    ​This week, I'm looking back on 2010 with a couple of lists. First, I'll share my 10 favorite beers of the year. They're not my top 10 of all time, but rather 10 brews I tried (and in many cases, su... More >>

  • And The Libertine Holiday Beer Dinner Winner Is...

    published Dec 23, 2010

    ​Thanks to all who shared their tales of holiday embarrassment, trauma, blackouts and illness in our latest commenting contest. It was a lot of fun (and sometimes just sad) reading them, and also od... More >>

  • Babe Versus the Baron

    published December 23, 2010

    Do you have kids who just can't keep themselves from yelling advice, cheering or booing at the characters when you go to the movies, no matter how... More >>

  • Delicieux Noel

    published December 23, 2010

    There may be a little bit of ugly American in us, still holding a grudge against the entire French people based on a single high school experience... More >>

  • Win Two Seats At The Libertine Bar's <br/>Holiday Beer Dinner

    Win Two Seats At The Libertine Bar's
    Holiday Beer Dinner

    published Dec 20, 2010

    ​The Libertine Bar sent along details about its December 29 holiday beer dinner, as well as a pair of tickets for one lucky City of Ate reader. Or rather, for the purposes of this contest, "one unlu... More >>

  • Scrooged

    published December 16, 2010

    How ironic that a Christmas-hating character and a destination so emblematic of the worst excesses of the holiday can, in combination, actually... More >>

  • Art in the Pot

    published December 16, 2010

    If we were homeless, we would definitely feel compelled to express ourselves through art, but it wouldn't be the kind of work that gets snatched... More >>

  • Idle Rich Winter And Christmas Beer Tasting: Do We Have To Wait A Year To Do It Again?

    published Dec 15, 2010

    ​My only complaint about the Idle Rich Pub and Monday night's Winter And Christmas Beer Tasting is something outside the control of the bar: Resident Parking Only areas are one of the most idiotic i... More >>

  • Last Night: Wu-Tang Clan At The Granada Theater

    Last Night: Wu-Tang Clan At The Granada Theater

    published Dec 11, 2010

    Wu-Tang Clan; La the Darkman; A.Dd+ with Picnictyme, DJ Sober and Sore Losers; Rob Viktum and Jay ClippGranada TheaterFriday, December 10, 2010Better Than: Even the most optimistic fan could expect a ... More >>

  • This Year's Christmas Ales, Winter Warmers And Seasonals: So Far, So Good

    published Dec 10, 2010

    ​Winter hasn't even officially begun, but winter beers and holiday seasonals have already been on the shelves and bar taps long enough that I thought I'd offer a quick rundown of those I've particul... More >>

  • He Is Legend

    published December 9, 2010

    Born into a prominent family as the grandson of the founder of what would become the Burroughs Corporation, William S. Burroughs was educated at... More >>

  • The Neurotic Next Door

    published December 9, 2010

    Jake Johannsen has an awkward but endearing hesitant delivery that makes him sound more like a neurotic friend telling a funny story full... More >>

  • Tasting Samuel Adams' New Offerings, Including "Champagne-Like Beer" Infinium

    published Dec 08, 2010

    ​According to Samuel Adams press material included with a sample bottle of Infinium (and an ice bucket and pair of flutes -- aww, you shouldn't have!), 60 percent of men would prefer to toast with... More >>

  • Conduit Goes Modern

    published December 2, 2010

    All three artists currently on display at Conduit Gallery are worthy of a visit, but James Michael Starr's work in Modern... More >>

  • Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons

    published December 2, 2010

    If you're like us, you're a procrastinator who sat out on the traditional day-after-Thanksgiving holiday shopping spree known as Black Friday.... More >>

  • Comparing Anchor's 2009 and 2010 Christmas Ales

    published Dec 01, 2010

    ​Now that we're into December, Christmas beers, winter warmers and other special seasonals are showing up in stores and beer joints. It is truly the most wonderful time of the year if you're a beer ... More >>

  • Saints or Winners?

    published November 25, 2010

    So which Dallas Cowboys team will show up to play the New Orleans Saints on Thanksgiving? Will it be the 'Boys who played with... More >>

  • Three, In Kind

    published November 25, 2010

    Work from the three artists on display at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary have little in common, but all "deal with women's issues in compelling... More >>

  • Trying Texas-Made Oatmeal Stout, IPA and Barleywine, Plus Thanksgiving Beer Help

    published Nov 24, 2010

    ​Earlier this month I spent a weekend in Austin for Fun Fun Fun Fest, where I was able to spend some time in the very cool Black Star Co-op brewpub and also bring back a few beers that I hadn't seen... More >>

  • Epic Ruins

    published November 25, 2010

    After reading that title and band name, do you really need to be told to expect '70s headphones prog-rock? Probably not. But Epic Ruins—a... More >>

  • An Ode To (And Recipe For) <br />The Humble Green Bean Casserole

    An Ode To (And Recipe For)
    The Humble Green Bean Casserole

    published Nov 19, 2010

    ​ (Editors's note: We asked some of our regular contributors to write odes to their favorite Thanksgiving dishes. "In verse," some asked. "If you like, sure. Why not?" Here's the first answer to tha... More >>

  • Sad Sack

    published November 18, 2010

    What makes Louis CK a truly great stand-up comic is how completely fearless and honest he is about his least admirable qualities. Which, of... More >>

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