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  • The legal commode

    published December 30, 1999

    When people get mad at the Dallas school board, they often talk about how dumb the members are. But the dumbest thing Dallas school boards have... More >>

  • Ready to blow

    published December 23, 1999

    Either somebody finds a way to turn down the heat at Dallas police headquarters, or the family feud between the new chief and the old one goes... More >>

  • The YM-Bubble-A

    published December 9, 1999

    For the last year, the Park Cities YMCA, which lies at the social heart of ultra-competitive, affluent, sports- and youth-minded Highland Park and... More >>

  • Ethics? Um... no thanks

    published December 2, 1999

    Here's a difficult public relations puzzle: Let's say you are the downtown Dallas business establishment, and you are very unhappy about the new... More >>

  • The perfect crime

    published November 25, 1999

    The so-called "fraud audit" of the Dallas Public Schools is headed straight to hell. It will never produce significant results or catch any big... More >>

  • Da thug

    published November 18, 1999

    In the three months Waldemar Rojas has been superintendent of schools in Dallas, two things have become plain: The only goal he cares about is... More >>

  • Calling the cows home

    published November 11, 1999

    Ben Click, our recently departed police chief, had it down: If you want to make it as chief in Dallas, just go to all of the neighborhood... More >>

  • The untouchables

    published November 4, 1999

    Here is the quiz: A city employee sees something crooked going on. He reports it. His claims are investigated and found to be completely... More >>

  • Bad break

    published October 7, 1999

    Community activist Sharon Boyd, who led an unsuccessful campaign against giving tax dollars to the city's new sports arena, has filed suit to have... More >>

  • Rules are for suckers

    published September 23, 1999

    In a few days or weeks, a very hot potato will land with a thunk on the desk of the Dallas city manager, and everyone in the city's architectural... More >>

  • Out of the frying pan

    published September 9, 1999

    The FBI case our new school superintendent is leaving behind him in San Francisco seems much juicier than anything so far in our own lackluster... More >>

  • Busted

    published September 2, 1999

    The best clue to the shell game going on at Dallas City Hall -- an indicator of the desperation city officials might be feeling over the financial... More >>

  • Reno vs. Belo

    published August 19, 1999

    U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno has accused WFAA-Channel 8 television and its owner, the Belo Corp., of criminal complicity in the 1994-1995... More >>

  • Rotting away in jail

    published August 12, 1999

    Everyone in the Kevin Young story has a story. Everybody's covered. But if everybody's covered, and if everybody has a story, then how could this... More >>

  • Let them play golf

    published July 15, 1999

    citizens group trying to keep Tenison Park in Old East Dallas from becoming a semi-private high-end golf club suffered a defeat recently when an... More >>

  • By the way...

    published July 8, 1999

    Imagine the surprise the people opposed to the Trinity River plan felt recently when they opened their June 27 copies of The Dallas Morning... More >>

  • Southern fried

    published July 1, 1999

    The campaign to rename Jefferson Davis Elementary School in Oak Cliff seemed to reach a decisive conclusion when the school board voted 7-1... More >>

  • $ucker$

    published July 1, 1999

    In the recent election for mayor and city council, all of the rhetoric was about streets, potholes, and basic repairs for neighborhoods. But hold... More >>

  • Gimme gimme

    published May 13, 1999

    Waiting for the city to fix your street? Waiting for them to help your elderly neighbors with basic home repairs? To do anything at all to improve... More >>

  • Pig in a poke

    published May 6, 1999

    Stung by a recent rejection, thrilled by a rumor that someone attractive might like them, the Dallas school board leaped into the arms of San... More >>

  • Big, honking white lies

    published April 29, 1999

    The thing about the current Dallas City Council is that the truth tends to get them all upset, whereas they never seem to mind all that much being... More >>

  • Yvonne redux

    published April 29, 1999

    It would be unfair, at this point in time, to paint a portrait of Dallas Independent School District Superintendent-designate Bill Rojas as a man... More >>

  • Taking It to the Street

    published April 22, 1999

    This little stretch of Parry Avenue, just northeast of Fair Park, isn't the street of broken dreams. Not yet, anyway. The dream here is still... More >>

  • No means yes

    published March 18, 1999

    Lying to taxpayers about their taxes is a basic political skill some politicians grasp sooner than others. Veteran members of the Dallas City... More >>

  • Gutless coup

    published March 11, 1999

    The political hush over the Ross Avenue headquarters of the Dallas Independent School District in the last week is no harbinger of peace. Things... More >>

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