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  • Theater in the ground

    published December 30, 1999

    Here I sit, polishing this year's Jimmy Awards and etching the names of actors, directors, designers, and productions in calligraphic script on... More >>

  • Girl power

    published December 23, 1999

    "If God had meant us to think with our wombs, then why did he give us a brain?" You have to chew on that, one of playwright Clare Boothe... More >>

  • Porn again

    published December 23, 1999

    The press release for the second production by Impulse Theatre of the Fearless promises the troupe will present a "new form of... More >>

  • Out Here

    published December 23, 1999

    Turtle Creek Chorale The Best of Turtle Creek Chorale (TCC... More >>

  • Yule love it

    published December 16, 1999

    There is a wonderful collision of the best of theatrical possibilities in Christmas at Ground Zero, especially at this time of year. It... More >>

  • Hard candy Christmas

    published December 16, 1999

    Over the last few years, I've seen David Sedaris -- that little smart-ass -- read his work at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Southern Methodist... More >>

  • Return this Gift

    published December 9, 1999

    Call More >>

  • The Art of the matter ...

    published December 9, 1999

    One of the most impressive things about Art isn't that it won a Tony and an Olivier and an Evening Standard, blah blah blah, but that the... More >>

  • A kingdom of sweets

    published December 2, 1999

    My slightly freaked-out attitude toward puppet shows (the more fluid and effective the puppeteers, the bigger the freak-out) is perhaps best... More >>

  • The best Bette

    published December 2, 1999

    It's not really unusual for gay men 35 and under never to have owned a single Bette Midler album. All joking aside, she really is a generational... More >>

  • Willing and able

    published December 2, 1999

    Being called "brave" all the time must be almost as annoying for a disabled person as living in a world designed for the abled. Sure enough,... More >>

  • A wanking good time

    published November 25, 1999

    With all the accolades showered on a young Joe Orton (the very acclaim that, in part, caused lover Kenneth Halliwell's silver hammer to come down... More >>

  • Bard on

    published November 18, 1999

    More often than not, I think Harold Bloom's a pompous ass -- except when it comes to his complaints about live Shakespeare, and then, he's spot... More >>

  • Atom, smasher

    published November 18, 1999

    There's a turning point when Felicia's Journey becomes a completely different movie from the one you've been watching, and if you're... More >>

  • Amazing grace

    published November 11, 1999

    Pegasus Theatre brings us Eric Coble's comedy with a few of the company's patented missteps -- comic styles that jar and occasionally grate... More >>

  • Moor's the pity

    published November 11, 1999

    I know I'm not the only critic in Dallas who was startled by the announcement that Kitchen Dog artistic director Dan Day had chosen Chris... More >>

  • Fruit medley

    published November 4, 1999

    "I had a very passionate temper," Victorian poet Christina Rossetti once wrote to an intimate about her childhood. "On one occasion, being rebuked... More >>

  • Odd bird

    published November 4, 1999

    Ivan Turgenev had paved the way for Anton Chekhov's seething domestic storms in 1850 with his play A Month in the Country, which concerned... More >>

  • Real, reel gay

    published November 4, 1999

    Is it possible to be separate and equal? It certainly didn't work out that way for African-Americans, and when applying the questions to lesbians... More >>

  • Unmatched set

    published October 28, 1999

    I would have said that the October chill had solidified resolve in the Dallas theater community, but temperatures have reached the upper 80s and... More >>

  • And the winners are

    published October 28, 1999

    If you lie down with critics, you get up with fleas, or some such pestilence. So the winners of the 1999 Dallas Theater Critics Forum... More >>

  • Wonder woman

    published October 28, 1999

    Fran Lebowitz once observed that if the problem with communism is that it's too boring, then the problem with fascism is that it's too exciting.... More >>

  • The play's the thing

    published October 21, 1999

    Gorey Stories, the autumn production of Scott Osborne and Patti Kirkpatrick's Our Endeavors Theater Company, is an exciting... More >>

  • Soul for sale

    published October 21, 1999

    And on the subject of turning an unwieldy performance space into a suitable showcase for theater, I have to say that Teatro Dallas artistic... More >>

  • Good exorcise

    published October 14, 1999

    If we stage critics think our deadlines are cruel to us, they can be murder to actors -- especially when a preview performance must be reviewed.... More >>

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