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  • Rich Pageant

    published May 17, 2001

    Lest you think backstage bitchery, outspoken narcissism and superficiality are just inventions for the all-male beauty contest spoof... More >>

  • You Jane

    published May 10, 2001

    There are deeper issues behind the identity of pseudonymous playwright Jane Martin, a Kentuckian who remains the most-produced playwright in... More >>

  • Beautiful Music

    published May 3, 2001

    "I see myself writing in the tradition of Shakespeare and Moliere," playwright Don Evans once told The New York Times. "I'm very much... More >>

  • A Taste of Kiki & Herb

    published May 3, 2001

    Given the number of people lining up to humiliate themselves on shows such as Temptation Island and Chains of Love, you'd think... More >>

  • Reel People

    published April 26, 2001

    A meeting of the Dallas Observer minds found us arriving at a happy--and unusual--consensus: Yes, there's some good stuff playing at the 31st... More >>

  • Merchant Ivory

    published April 26, 2001

    As you read this, a 38-year-old Merchant Ivory production called Shakespeare Wallah, about a troupe of English actors traveling through... More >>

  • Straight Talk

    published April 26, 2001

    It was sometime around 1977, Southern soul singer Millie Jackson recalls, when she realized she had "a reputation that preceded me." "I was... More >>

  • Fatal Flaw

    published April 26, 2001

    A co-worker who regularly attends the theater fairly recoiled when he learned that Dallas Theater Center had programmed Margaret... More >>

  • Act of Passion

    published April 19, 2001

    Playwright Diana Son, who contributed some of the best material to last season's TV show The West Wing, is a woman who wears her hair... More >>

  • Age of Innocence

    published April 12, 2001

    Playwright-novelist-children's author-film director Phillip Ridley is one of those multi-hyphenated artists who believe that the message... More >>

  • More Professional, Less Conventional

    published April 12, 2001

    One prominent stage director in town confessed to me that he found Blood Bondage, the quasi-evangelical vampire saga that marked... More >>

  • Pets, Weiss and Videotape

    published April 12, 2001

    For 14 years now, die-hard patrons of the annual Dallas Video Festival have set themselves up for heartbreak. If I attend the documentary about... More >>

  • Parental Guidance Suggested

    published April 5, 2001

    Like most institutions that seek to divert children, Dallas Children's Theatre is serious about mixing entertainment and edification.... More >>

  • Birds of a Feather

    published March 29, 2001

    A few years back, when Edward Albee spoke at the Dallas Museum of Art, he set aside a very special few minutes to heap vitriol on the... More >>

  • Two-dimensional Art

    published March 29, 2001

    It's inevitable that Theatre Three's production of Art would be greeted with high expectations by those of us who saw the... More >>

  • Flying Blind

    published March 22, 2001

    "Do you know what a wild bird's tongue looks like?" a caged Evie (Sue Birch) asks her despairing and restless daughter Maxine (Susan... More >>

  • Tasty Trifle

    published March 15, 2001

    I haven't been too keen on Dallas Theater Center artistic director Richard Hamburger's leviathan takes on musicals (although anything... More >>

  • Here Comes Judge

    published March 15, 2001

    Writer-director Mike Judge doesn't sound nearly as much like Hank Hill, the character he created and has voiced for 100 episodes of Fox's... More >>

  • Tale of the Tapes

    published March 8, 2001

    What passes for "reality" under the great video eye of network television is pretty lame these days. Personally, we're not going to take that... More >>

  • It Takes Two

    published March 8, 2001

    Over my five years-plus stint as a theater critic in this town, actor after actor has told me that after the experience of directing... More >>

  • The Lady Vanishes

    published March 1, 2001

    The afternoon service at Sparkman Hillcrest Funeral Home started off subdued and solemn, appropriate for anyone recently deceased--except the... More >>

  • Red Hot Blues

    published March 1, 2001

    In a chat between the two acts of the brand-new musical Fat Freddy's, Rudy Eastman defused the notion that such bawdy,... More >>

  • A Barn Full of Surprises

    published March 1, 2001

    Imagine my surprise when I took a seat inside Fort Worth's Sage & Silo Theatre for a revival of Bent, Martin Sherman's... More >>

  • Thin Blood

    published February 22, 2001

    The last full Dallas production of a Suzan-Lori Parks play--not counting the workshop of her The America Play at Dallas Theater Center's... More >>

  • Who Says Nothing's Shocking?

    published February 22, 2001

    You have just one more weekend to catch I, Patty Diphusa, International Sex Symbol, the world premiere from Our Endeavors... More >>

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