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  • 14 days ago | Weather

    Every three hours, a satellite called the Global Precipitation Measurement Observatory records the rain and snow that falls, worldwide. This week, the big precipitation story is Texas. East Texas got 6 to 12 inches, with similar totals for ea...

  • 17 days ago | News

    Defense industry money is a lot like military aircraft. Sometimes it arrives loudly, like a cargo plane rumbling down a runway. Other times it slides into a local economy like a stealth bomber — quietly but effectively.   This clumsy analogy ...

  • 26 days ago | DFW Music News

    Dalton Rapattoni, freshly famous from his strong showing during the final season of American Idol,  isn't turning his back on North Texas. "Dude, I will work wherever people need me to be, but North Texas is my home," he told the Ob...

  • 30 days ago | Technology

    Plane spotters and aviation workers around Dallas Love Field Airport are always on the lookout for new aircraft. Last week SevenMikeCharlie took to Reddit to note a unique military arrival. "I created this post because I recently saw a new P-8 Pos...

  • 1 month ago | News

    One of today’s bombing attacks in Belgium occurred at a familiar location — an airport. This is not unique or surprising. Here are a few reasons why terrorists choose to strike there, and why it’s so hard to stop them. 1) They are irresistibly sof...

  • 1 month ago | Courts

    The Dallas County Courthouse filled with African American luminaries on April 18, 1921. Something special was going to happen, and the assembled group was there to show support as public testimony decided the fate of two children.  On a Satur...


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