José Ralat Maldonado


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  • 6 years ago | Burgers

    For Burger Week, we asked former City of ate contributor and King of the Taco Trail José Ralat-Maldanado to put down his crown and introduce Aters to Mexican-style hamburgers. For more of José's reports from Dallas' huge and growing ...

  • 7 years ago | Arts & Culture News

    This month, scientists at the Large Hadron Collider 500 feet beneath the Franco-Swiss border announced they are one step closer to proving the existence of the Higgs boson, what's informally called, the "God particle," the fundamental building blo...

  • 7 years ago | Restaurant Reviews

    When David Thompson, one half of the TacOCliff blog ( and I chomped down on the grass-fed ground beef tacos that newly opened Company Café was selling from a stall at Earth Day Dallas 2011, we had lofty expectations....

  • 7 years ago | Tacos

    City of Ate's Taco Trail ends today. It was a good run, but I'm moving on. (That doesn't mean I'll cease writing about tacos. How can I not play on the taco jungle gym that is Dallas?) While deciding on the final City of Ate venue, I considered th...

  • 7 years ago | Tacos

    Entering a supermarket--or a mall, for that matter--is a stressful venture packed with potential pitfalls, so it's always comforting to see food options as an escape or security blanket. Super Plaza, a market in Upper Greenville's Little Ethiopia,...

  • 7 years ago | Eat This

    The sound of the word is gustatory TKO, fit to play the role of an exclamatory bubble in a classic Batman episode: Pambazo! And eating Tortas La Hechizera's rendition of a pambazo, a Mexican sandwich of white bread traditionally dipped a red chile...


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