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2007 Stories by Kate Carraway

Archives: 2007
  • Cadence Weapon, Final Fantasy

    published November 1, 2007

    While every kid in the Montreal and Toronto indie-gentsia eye-rolled their way through the extended jerk-off that les Américains had... More >>

  • Julie Doiron, Calvin Johnson, Tha Bracelets

    published June 7, 2007

    With her literal lyrics and minimal musicianship, Julie Doiron has often been considered a musical emperor wearing no clothes, which is odd,... More >>

  • To The Wall

    published April 19, 2007

    Paul Wall is a snuggly, goofy shortstack who's probably really into pizza and playing that airplane game with his son. He has a squinty pug face... More >>

  • Young Jeezy

    published April 19, 2007

    Young Jeezy is just that—young. Originally named Li'l J (actually, originally he was named Jay Jenkins), the Atlanta rapper has the deadly... More >>

  • The Queers, The Heart Attacks, The Riptides

    published February 1, 2007

    For a whole subsection of America's young and young at heart, sad-puppy punk rock is more than an interest, it's a way of life. Which is why... More >>

Archives: 2007