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1996 Stories by Kaylois Henry

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  • Countermove

    published December 19, 1996

    It seems that two Arlington high school girls have spooked the men with whistles who have officiated at area high school wrestling matches for the... More >>

  • Footprints of Fantasy

    published December 12, 1996

    They come here for evidence, pilgrims searching for proof. The soul-searching ends at Dr. Carl Baugh's tiny Creation Evidences Museum, housed in a... More >>

  • Never mind

    published November 14, 1996

    For more than a year, elected officials have agreed that Dallas needs a Hispanic cultural center. After all, Hispanics are the fastest growing... More >>

  • World of difference

    published November 7, 1996

    The eatery is packed, with a line that presses against the glass windows and threatens to go outside. It's Thursday night at Vitto's Italian... More >>

  • Falling star

    published October 17, 1996

    It wasn't long ago that Alphonso Solomon was considered a rising star among black business owners in Dallas, a walking testament to the notion... More >>

  • The Ego and the Ecstasy

    published September 19, 1996

    The sculptor's fortress rises above a South Dallas neighborhood that has long since gone decrepit. His home is an island, surrounded by a sea of... More >>

  • Making book

    published September 19, 1996

    Alasan Mansaray sees opportunity everywhere, be it in shopping malls or at gas stations. Wherever he sees people, Mansaray approaches. "Hello," he... More >>

  • No Dough

    published August 29, 1996

    Richard Williams saw himself as the pie-and-cookie mogul of Dallas. He envisioned a huge plant churning out thousands of his cheese cakes and... More >>

  • Academy of schemes

    published August 22, 1996

    The man who tried to convince Dallas parents he would build an academically rigorous private school for African-American children has instead... More >>

  • War of the Words

    published July 25, 1996

    For all those years of battle, one war story stands out. The Scrabble board was tight, so tight. But after 10 minutes of tournament play, Michael... More >>

  • Bishop Jakes is ready. Are you?

    published June 20, 1996

    Tonight the shoes of Bishop T.D. Jakes are a three-toned reptilian affair. They are dark gray around the sides and white on top; their laces are... More >>

  • Ready For Battle

    published May 23, 1996

    "I hate bigotry. I hate racism. I hate sexism. I hate classism. When I confront people with those ideas, I am ready for battle."mmm So says... More >>

  • Final chapter

    published May 23, 1996

    The Center for Texas Studies at the University of North Texas has been a sort of literary clearinghouse for all things Texan. If you have a story... More >>

  • Clara's Last Supper

    published May 16, 1996

    A year ago, Clara Miles lay in her bed in a gray hospital room, a dreaded place filled with bottles that led to tubes that led to needles that led... More >>

  • Tarnished hero

    published May 16, 1996

    Cassandra Lee Dean says she isn't looking to bring anyone down or ruin anyone's life. All she wants to do is make the man who fathered her child... More >>

  • Hard lesson

    published April 25, 1996

    Disillusionment has replaced dreams for many African-American parents who had hoped to send their children to an innovative private school... More >>

  • Academy of Dreams

    published April 11, 1996

    It was a dream of such irresistible appeal--so simple, so timely, so full of promise--it was amazing someone hadn't dreamed it before. ... More >>

  • Somebody say amen!

    published February 29, 1996

    Is the black man worth loving?" The question hung over the crowd gathered in the pews of Jubilee United Methodist Church on a recent Friday... More >>

  • Just don't bite

    published January 25, 1996

    It began with the battle of the big men--a bloody scrap they'd still be talking about months later. In one corner was David "Tank"... More >>

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