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  • Seasonal Choreography

    published April 23, 2015

    You reset your clocks this spring, you've cleaned out your closet, and now it might be time to sweep out the mental cobwebs. One trick? A night of... More >>

  • Houston Art Visits Dallas

    published April 23, 2015

    Houston-based artist Kent Dorn swims upstream for his exhibition at The Safe Room that opens this weekend. Er, he rolls up the highway at least.... More >>

  • Everyday Use

    published April 23, 2015

    Some people might try to convince you that there is art in the everyday. You might scoff and return to your spreadsheets. It's the same premise... More >>

  • Blue, Yellow, Red,

    published April 23, 2015

    Primary colors might get a bad rap. The newest show at Barry Whistler Gallery was inspired by a piece at the National Galerie in Berlin and the... More >>

  • Cyber Art

    published April 23, 2015

    How do new media artists approach the decay of the physical? The question may sound pedantic, but consider this: Collectively, human beings are... More >>

  • Westward, Ho!

    published April 16, 2015

    For centuries, pioneers have been heading west. They find something alluring or interesting about following the sunset and off they go to conquer... More >>

  • Virtually Natural Landscapes

    published April 16, 2015

    At the intersection of art and technology, the leading figure is Mark Tribe. An early adopter of new media, in 1996 Tribe started as... More >>

  • Noah Simblist's Palestine, Texas

    published April 9, 2015

    The lore of Texas runs strong in America. Every small town has a story, a history, a legend, a myth. You'll recognize yourself in a lot of the... More >>

  • Caroline Mousseau

    published April 2, 2015

    A recent New Yorker review of a contemporary painting show at the MoMA posed the question, “Is There Anything Left to Paint?” In some... More >>

  • Extra-Sensory Art

    published April 2, 2015

    Circuit 12 Contemporary isn’t throwing stones or killing birds, but they are introducing you to a bunch of new artists in just a few... More >>

  • Movies with Music

    published April 2, 2015

    There’s a push these days in the arts to be multi-genre, or to be experimental in venue, at the very least. Which is to say that concert... More >>

  • The Internet as Art, Sort Of

    published March 26, 2015

    Not only has the World Wide Web turned the most sheltered among us into cosmopolitan bon vivants, it's changed the way artists interact with,... More >>

  • A Wider Angle Lens

    published March 26, 2015

    Often in a photograph there is more than meets the eye. What's just out of view? What happened the second before? Or the second after?... More >>

  • An Artistic Lock-In

    published March 12, 2015

    Do you remember lock-ins? Those relics of childhood, where you'd fluff up your sleeping bag next to your fellow hormone-riddled middle schoolers... More >>

  • Just Passing Through

    published March 12, 2015

    For the past few months, artists Josh Reames and Amber Renaye have been using Oliver Francis Gallery as a studio space, and they've created a... More >>

  • Drink Down the Charm

    published March 12, 2015

    Just off Ross Avenue, there's a charming South American restaurant called Joyce & Gigi's. The food is delicious, the cocktails are flowing, and... More >>

  • What is an artist talk?

    published March 5, 2015

    Late last year, during the run of Draftsmen of the Apocalypse, CentralTrak hosted an artist talk with Thor Johnson and Joachim West that was more... More >>

  • Kelly Kroener

    published March 5, 2015

    Two words are not foreign to Kelly Kroener: community and collaboration. In the few years that the Cincinnati-born artist has lived in Dallas,... More >>

  • Poet-Colored Glasses

    published February 26, 2015

    Poets live among us. That man slurping coffee in the corner of Mudsmith, scribbling into his notebook? Poet. That woman drumming her fingers on... More >>

  • Goodbye, Old Friend

    published February 19, 2015

    Mary Helen Specht's debut novel, Migratory Animals, is a story of friendships that stretch into adulthood. She writes elegantly of the heartbreak... More >>

  • It's the End of the World As We Know It

    published February 12, 2015

    Two of theater's most talented performers are Taylor Mac and Mandy Patinkin. In my opinion, there aren't many people who hold a candle to these... More >>

  • A Play With Any Other Ending Might be Nicer

    published February 12, 2015

    If we're honest, no one wants their love affair to play out like Romeo and Juliet's. I mean, they both end up with eyelids closed, arms crossed,... More >>

  • Get Real, Ro2 Art

    published February 5, 2015

    Your eyeballs are working hard. As you read this they are processing and interpreting symbols to send to your brain. But how often do you consider... More >>

  • Color Me Artistic

    published February 5, 2015

    Have you ever wondered what color your aura might be? This mystical description of the way a person's energy affects the room they inhabit might... More >>

  • Vote for Art President

    published January 29, 2015

    Late last year, artists Thor Johnson and Joachim West brought their delectably irreverent sense of humor to an artist talk ruminating on the... More >>

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