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  • Art, Bar, Us. What More Could You Want?

    published January 15, 2015

    We want you to be at Artopia this year, truly. We want you to witness the splendor of music duo French 75 and the shape-shifting madness of George... More >>

  • DC vs. Marvel Burlesque

    published January 1, 2015

    Sexy comic characters battle it out onstage in sexy burlesque routines. It will be Viva Dallas Burlesque's last show at the historic Lakewood... More >>

  • Legends of Their Time

    published January 1, 2015

    "Legends of Their Time, featuring the newly established Dicterow- deMaine- Biegel Piano Trio in their premiere concert performance. The concert... More >>

  • Be American, See a Slacker Comedy

    published January 1, 2015

    There was plenty of cowardice and ass-covering in the Sony Pictures debacle surrounding the release of the slacker, bromance comedy, The... More >>

  • The Dallas Stars Are Playing

    published January 1, 2015

    Odds are you could probably do a better job writing this calendar blurb. If you know anything about hockey beyond that it involves big, tough men... More >>

Archives: 2015 | 2014