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  • Meet John Doe

    published December 14, 2000

    Let's say you're a disgruntled employee working for corporation, and your boss, the CEO, really pisses you off. You've grown weary of his sharp... More >>

  • Casual Day Casualties

    published December 14, 2000

    It spread like some contagion, ruthlessly ravaging the wardrobes of lawyers across the city. First there was the occasional "casual day." Dressing... More >>

  • Prisoners of Love

    published November 30, 2000

    If you want to survive prison, there is only one way to do your time: Mind your own business. Prison culture demands that you keep to yourself and... More >>

  • The Resurrection of Sandy Kress

    published October 19, 2000

    His voice sounds so familiar--deep, resonant, dweebishly articulate--as he defends George W. Bush in front of a swarm of stinging reporters. His... More >>

  • Cheap Thrills

    published October 19, 2000

    Charles "Chuck" Muñoz says he's led a structured life: organized, conservative, somewhat guarded. At 43, he doesn't seem like someone who... More >>

  • Paper Chase

    published October 12, 2000

    Having grown up Jewish in Dallas, I rarely read the Texas Jewish Post--OK, one time when my sister got married and the newspaper ran her... More >>

  • Meatball Politics

    published August 24, 2000

    The platter of Swedish meatballs told the whole story. Each ball was chewy and just the right size to pop into your mouth at a political function... More >>

  • Sins of a Preacher Man

    published August 17, 2000

    When Bill Price entered a room full of politicians, his droopy eyes would light up, his blasé demeanor would turn commanding. The same thing... More >>

  • Behind the curve

    published July 20, 2000

    Back in the day, if you had asked Ruby Bouie about her drug of choice, she would have told you right out, "Whatever you got, honey." Booze, pot,... More >>

  • E-publish or perish

    published July 13, 2000

    You boot up your computer. Go online. Punch in the address and hit "enter."... More >>

  • Burned into memory

    published June 22, 2000

    Bob Brightwell is reluctant to talk about it, and he damn sure doesn't want to be photographed. Not with the skin grafts that discolor his... More >>

  • War of words

    published May 18, 2000

    As far as civil disobedience goes, the protest in front of The Dallas Morning News early Friday morning was about as obedient as it... More >>

  • Cyber bore

    published May 11, 2000

    April 27, 2000. Dateline Dotcompound. Somewhere in a secluded section of North Dallas, the DotComGuy, a Dallas techno-geek who has cut... More >>

  • Battle for the barrio

    published April 20, 2000

    It's February 2000, the primary season is in full tilt, and busy worker bees from both parties are delivering their yard signs, marking their... More >>

  • Analyze this

    published April 13, 2000

    As lambs to slaughter they come, pitiful men with middle-age paunches, clueless characters with bad teeth, tortured souls who have emotionally... More >>

  • Catch as catch can

    published March 9, 2000

    Working homicide for the last 20 years, Dallas Detective Jesse Briseno was all too familiar with the pattern -- a dead body, a thorough... More >>

  • Impossible dreamer

    published March 2, 2000

    Bobby Wightman-Cervantes insists on explaining himself, purposefully slowing the rapid-fire patter of his New York twang to make himself... More >>

  • Gimme shelter

    published February 10, 2000

    The scripture inscribed on his stationery offers some indication of just how sacredly immigration attorney John Wheat Gibson takes his calling:... More >>

  • The king of Cockrell Hill

    published February 3, 2000

    When you meet him, you can't help but like Aurelio Castillo. At 36, he's a big man, but in the jolly sense of the term. There's no menace to his... More >>

  • PAC men

    published January 6, 2000

    It was Craig Murphy's idea, really. The Oak Cliff Democratic precinct chairman was tired of listening to the party faithful moaning about how... More >>

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