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  • Self-Made Cyborg

    published February 28, 2013

    Mark Frauenfelder isn’t human. The former editor-in-chief at Wired magazine online just does too much to be mortal. When he... More >>

  • Cars Go SMASH!

    published February 21, 2013

    Sometimes traffic is overwhelming. It can cause us to grip our steering wheels with white knuckles, and let slip the most unbecoming of expletives... More >>

  • Ahem, Let's Rumble

    published February 21, 2013

    We men don’t get enough opportunities to wear tights, exclaim catch phrases or strike signature poses. Sure, we wear jockstraps and leggings... More >>

  • Better Lojack The Batmobiles

    published February 14, 2013

    When factoring in the ingredients for the upcoming O’Reilly Auto Parts AutoRama Event, you get the feeling that anything could... More >>

  • A Humanitarian Touchdown

    published January 17, 2013

    When professional athletes are mentioned in conversation, it’s frequently in tales of “the selfish athlete.” One man’s... More >>

  • Cerebral Cortex, You’re Fired

    published January 10, 2013

    David Huntsberger describes the brain as a lazy corporate employee not cutting the mustard. One that forgets the name of the person you... More >>

  • You’ll Give Him An A

    published January 10, 2013

    Mike Winfield is a special comedic talent, and trust us, you know his face. He’s parlayed guest appearances on The Late Show with... More >>

  • HULK SMASH!!! Er, ... Will Politely Take a photo with You

    published January 3, 2013

    CGI superheroes are saturating the action film genre lately, and it’s becoming harder and harder for audiences to identify with our... More >>

  • Need a hand? Take ours. No, really.

    published January 3, 2013

    Is your pocketbook looking a bit piqued, perhaps from a bit too much holiday cheer or over-jubilation on New Year’s Eve? Well, the fine... More >>

Archives: 2013 | 2012