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1994 Stories by Molly Ivins

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  • Rape of the forest

    published December 22, 1994

    Not that I want to add to the cynicism in this country, but have you noticed that eco-pornography is becoming more brazen than ever? You... More >>

  • Blah, blah

    published December 15, 1994

    During a political question-and-answer session, a middle-aged, middle-class white woman hesitantly held up her hand and said: "You know, Time... More >>

  • Left to right

    published December 8, 1994

    Sorry to begin with an apologia, but one of the things I try not to do as a commentator is put in my two cents' worth when I don't have enough... More >>

  • States' rights

    published December 1, 1994

    I listen to Republican rhetoric about how power should be returned to "the states" with some degree of alarm. It sounds so good in the... More >>

  • Geek show

    published November 17, 1994

    Sheesh. Sest lah vye, Mabel. I'll say one thing for the results of Tuesday's plebiscite: it is sure as hell going to be interesting for the... More >>

  • Those radical Republicans

    published November 3, 1994

    BOSTON--Oh boy, now this is starting to be fun. Senator Ted Kennedy and his opponent, Mitt Romney, duked it out here Tuesday night while the... More >>

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