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  • The new Civil War

    published December 28, 1995

    Bye-bye, Houston Oilers. Used to luv ya, Blue. Lost 'em to Nashville, Tenn., for a $292 million state-of-the-art stadium with 82 luxury... More >>

  • 'Johnny B' is a good choice

    published December 21, 1995

    Oh boy, a good race! I know that politics is in dreadful disrepute, but the prospect of a fine, old-fashioned duke-out over some real... More >>

  • The profit speaks

    published December 14, 1995

    Fellow Texans, I have been to Seattle in the state of Washington and seen wonders there. Seattle is the home of ecological correctness, good... More >>

  • True crime story

    published December 7, 1995

    As some front pages informed us last week, the Warner-Lambert Co. has pleaded guilty to criminal charges and has agreed to pay a $10 million fine... More >>

  • Rich man's Robin Hood

    published November 30, 1995

    Peace in Washington, peace (maybe) in Bosnia, the Dow hit 5,000, and now we've all stuffed ourselves with turkey and can start worrying about how... More >>

  • Naming the blame

    published November 23, 1995

    Whee! Spin City. Who's responsible for shutting down the federal government and quite possibly sending the financial markets into a hopeless... More >>

  • Nasty and negative

    published November 16, 1995

    It's a shame that Colin Powell decided not to run; I think he would have contributed a much-needed lowering of the rhetorical temperature on the... More >>

  • So close, yet so far away

    published November 9, 1995

    Holy cow! What a vote that was in Canada. Speaking as one who is terribly fond of our neighbors, both north and south, I must confess that... More >>

  • Media merger madness

    published November 2, 1995

    One of my problems with Big Bidness is that those folks don't have the sense God gave gravel. What a bunch of cashews. Here we are, going... More >>

  • A time to listen

    published October 26, 1995

    President Clinton made a good speech in Austin last week on this country's worst problem. Clinton on race is always worth listening to; it's his... More >>

  • Stolen thunder

    published October 19, 1995

    Tuesday's cartoon in the Chihuahua city paper showed President Ernesto Zedillo bustling toward a particularly frazzled-looking Mexican Everyman,... More >>

  • Falling into The Gap

    published October 12, 1995

    On what passes for the left in this country, the debate is about the damage being done by Newt and the Newtzis. Not damage control, just... More >>

  • A whiter shade of black

    published October 5, 1995

    Colin Powell's popularity doesn't mean we've made progress on race issues The media, having created the Colin Powell Bubble, are now having... More >>

  • Global warning

    published September 21, 1995

    Republicans are aiding and abetting denial of the worldwide shift in climate Seeing yet another story in the newspaper about global... More >>

  • Stop the sanctimony

    published September 14, 1995

    On the theory that it is sometimes helpful to point out the obvious, may I enter the debate on family values by pointing out that there are a lot... More >>

  • It's a woman's world

    published September 7, 1995

    Happy anniversary, women of America! Happy anniversary to us. Hasn't it been fun to hear all the wonderful foremothers quoted and to see all... More >>

  • The all-O.J. channel

    published August 31, 1995

    Following the downward trajectory of television news Warning! O.J. content within. Let's "stipulate," as Marcia Clark says, that if... More >>

  • Couldn't Medicare less

    published August 24, 1995

    Heads up, team; sneak play ahead. The deliriously misnamed Coalition to Save Medicare is about to join the national debate about health insurance... More >>

  • Unkindest cuts

    published August 17, 1995

    AUSTIN--I could be wrong, but I think the Bob Packwood problem is actually simple. Suppose--just suppose--that Bob Packwood was a predatory... More >>

  • The mouse that roared

    published August 10, 1995

    So why should you care if Mega-MonsterMedia merges with MultiMam-mothMovies? No skin off your nose, is it? Look again, Bubba. That's blood... More >>

  • Getting real

    published July 27, 1995

    Let's assume that everyone on all sides of the affirmative-action debate is speaking in good faith. It makes the discussion so much more... More >>

  • Texas' revenge on America

    published July 20, 1995

    "I think it proves there is a God," said one Texas liberal of Senator Phil Gramm's presidential campaign, which is going nowhere fast. ... More >>

  • Snakes in the grass

    published July 13, 1995

    Wouldn't you think that by now we would all react to the word "deregulation" the same way we do when we hear the buzz of a rattlesnake? ... More >>

  • Mo better

    published July 6, 1995

    Damn, life's a funny ol' female-dog, idn't she? Here I am, back in Tucson, one of my favorite places in the U.S. of A., and also the place... More >>

  • Countering the 'Get Clinton' movement

    published June 22, 1995

    My, my, my. I know the fashion is for political folks to bash Hollywood these days, but if you'll permit, I'd prefer to bash Washington for a... More >>

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