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  • Free Beer and Karaoke at Eno's New Upstairs Pub

    published Mar 26, 2010

    ​The Pints for Paint fundraiser that Jesse teased in yesterday's Hophead went off last night at Eno's Pub in Oak Cliff to the sound of a thousand Journey covers, and some incredibly good beer. It wa... More >>

  • Dish Extra: Naga Thai

    published Mar 25, 2010

    ​You know you like spicy food. Check out a few more photos from this weeks review of Naga Thai's warmly lit, tasty food in our slide show by Sara Kerens: here.... More >>

  • Picture Show: BRO FEST at the Doublewide

    published Mar 23, 2010

    ​It was cold. SXSW had just happened. But BROFEST went on at the Double Wide on Sunday night, and it was damn good. Gloria Levario was there to capture the 17-band, two-stage phenomenon that include... More >>

  • SXSW Street Meat (Day 3): Tacos from A Serial Killer Truck

    published Mar 22, 2010

    ​Kind of Meat: BBQ Beef Cost: $2.50 Topping: Onions, green chilies, BBQ sauce, cabbageA sign on Sixth street, near 1-35, read "Korean BBQ -->", which I followed like an Eloi led to the Morlock w... More >>

  • SXSW Street Meat (Day 2)

    SXSW Street Meat (Day 2)

    published Mar 19, 2010

    ​Stand: Big Top DogsKind of meat: beef Cost: $4.50 Topping: mustard, sauerkrautIf street food has a religious origin story, it should be in the invention of the hot dog. For an eater, it's a eureka ... More >>

  • SXSW Street Meat (Day 1)

    published Mar 18, 2010

    ​Heartburn. You know how P.F. Chang's waiters offer to mix your spicy mustard and other seeded sauces together to make a juggernaut hot sauce? Well, after a day of eating in Austin at SXSW, your eso... More >>

  • Picture Show: Abe Vigoda (the band) with Vivian Girls at the Lounge on Elm

    published Mar 18, 2010

    ​Caity Colvard caught Abe Vigoda (not the wrinkled co-star of The Godfather, but the band) partying with the Vivian Girls at the Lounge on Elm on Tuesday night as both band geared up for a trip to S... More >>

  • Dish Extra: Artin's Grill

    published Mar 17, 2010

    ​A close-up of whipped wasabi potatoes and sesame-flecked ahi makes for an artful -- and tasty --shot. This image is from Artin's, courtesy of Sara Kerens. See the rest of her photos here. ... More >>

  • Picture Show: Surfer Blood and Turbo Fruits

    published Mar 17, 2010

    ​While some of us were shivering with ecstasy and coming down from the NX35 high, some fine folks were at Surfer Blood with Turbo Fruits at the Granada on Monday, including photographer Mattie Staff... More >>

  • Picture Show: NX35 Friday Night

    published Mar 15, 2010

    ​Pretty sure we got no sleep this weekend. Here's how our weekend began: Sleep Whale, Whiskey Folk Ramblers and Ola Podrida on Friday night. Check out Spike Johnson's slideshow right here. ... More >>

  • In Oak Cliff Today, the Kids Were Putting a Fresh Coat of Paint on Bishop Arts

    In Oak Cliff Today, the Kids Were Putting a Fresh Coat of Paint on Bishop Arts

    published Mar 13, 2010

    ​For all the talk of Oak Cliff becoming "the city's new leading edge," there's still much work to be done. Jason and Andrea Roberts -- organizers of the Oak Cliff Art Crawl, as well as Bike Friendly... More >>

  • Dish Extra: Tramontana

    published Mar 11, 2010

    ​Tramontana ain't your mother's bistro, as Elaine Liner pointed out in her print story. Sara Kerens was able to grab some photos of why this ain't your mothers bistro, and for more check here for ... More >>

  • Gourmet Foodstock: Savor Dallas

    published Mar 09, 2010

    ​ Savor Dallas was this weekend, and Sara Kerens was out to capture the wine-and-chocolate-a-thon. Check out the rest of the slideshow here. ... More >>

  • Picture Show: Bikinis and Fire at Trees' Burlesque-A-Billy (NSFW)

    published Mar 09, 2010

    ​Broads & Panties presented a devilish burlesque show at Trees this weekend, and our very own Lek Brothers were there to capture it (and get third degree burns). Check out the rest of the fiery ... More >>

  • Picture Show: Brandi Carlile at the House of Blues Last Night

    Picture Show: Brandi Carlile at the House of Blues Last Night

    published Mar 08, 2010

    ​Brandi Carlile busted out some goosebump-inducing folk at the House of Blues last night, and our photographer Mattie Stafford was there. There were unplugged guitars, a Simon & Garfunkel cover,... More >>

  • Happy Hours: The iPhone App

    published Mar 02, 2010

    ​For all those times you've come home from work with a throbbing headache, and the walls close in too fast, here's an iPhone app to Tarzan-in and keep you from dying. Or at least crying. It's calle... More >>

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