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2006 Stories by Niki D'andrea

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  • Blast Beats, Dark Harmonies and Monstrous Melodies

    published December 28, 2006

    The criterion for this list was simple: Only the hardest, heaviest metal albums were considered. Bands who play a hybrid style of metal that is... More >>

  • Red Sparowes

    published December 14, 2006

    This is not an album that will translate into catchy ringtones or make you bounce in your car seat, bang your head, shake your booty with friends... More >>

  • Melissa Ferrick

    published October 26, 2006

    Wednesday, October 26 at Gypsy Tea Room More >>

  • Scissor Sisters

    published October 26, 2006

    On their self-titled debut, the Scissor Sisters dipped their hands into a multitude of genres, which is what made the songs fun. In contrast,... More >>

Archives: 2008 | 2007 | 2006