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1994 Stories by Nora Fitzgerald

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  • Less than fantastick

    published December 22, 1994

    Coming in at 10,000-plus performances, The Fantasticks is the Cats of off-Broadway--and the longest-running musical in the world, according to... More >>

  • A kinder Christmas Carol

    published December 15, 1994

    Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol because he needed money, and it's been produced for that same sound reason for more than a century. ... More >>

  • Death by metaphor

    published December 8, 1994

    "What is a battery?" Rip asks his apprentice, Stan. "Two cells placed in a container, one dominant and one recessive," Stan answers in a... More >>

  • A portrait of the artist as a dead woman

    published December 1, 1994

    It was a place of force-- The wind gagging my mouth with my own blown hair, Tearing off my voice, and the sea Blinding me... More >>

  • Slouching toward the millennium

    published November 24, 1994

    The road has risen up to meet Dallas' Kitchen Dog Theater, proving that hard work and artistic talent, even of an alternative and sometimes... More >>

Archives: 1995 | 1994