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1996 Stories by P.b. Miller

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  • Lost souls

    published June 27, 1996

    Don't ask why, but about two years ago I found myself on a tour of a hospital located at the base of the Appalachian mountains. The hospital's... More >>

  • Love puzzle

    published June 20, 1996

    It's one of the enduring enigmas of great literature. Why did Archie have such a fixation on Veronica, and such little regard for Betty, when the... More >>

  • Acting on the fringes

    published June 13, 1996

    When I die, let me come back as a guest in an English country home as depicted by Noel Coward or P.G. Wodehouse. Let there be plenty of potty... More >>

  • The dude is all right

    published June 6, 1996

    Cecil O'Neal, director of Kitchen Dog Theater's pressure-cooker production of Oleanna, proclaims in the playbill that "no one is right in this... More >>

  • Manson family values

    published May 30, 1996

    Back in the '60s there was a TV show called The Time Tunnel about two guys with military haircuts who get hurled through a time-space-continuum... More >>

  • Reality bites

    published May 23, 1996

    It's a debate that dates back to at least Plato's time. What is reality--that which we can objectively perceive and quantify with our senses, or... More >>

  • Hide and seek

    published May 16, 1996

    The one thing we all have in common is our separateness. Once launched from the womb, we are all so many Ishmaels seeking connection to a... More >>

  • A hard Fall

    published May 9, 1996

    What is it with Texas actresses and product endorsements gone wrong? First Brenda Vaccaro rasped about the absorbent properties of tampons,... More >>

  • Gross out

    published May 2, 1996

    Short of dropping your pants, there's no better way of exposing yourself than by writing a work of fiction. A novel or a play is just an author's... More >>

  • Hanging by a string

    published April 25, 1996

    Flinty-eyed realists--men and women to whom cant is a four-letter word--will tell you Broadway musicals are generally limp, lachrymose affairs... More >>

  • Existential stage left

    published April 18, 1996

    Coffee houses have made a comeback. Could Jean-Paul Sartre be far behind? The Nobel prize-winning author, if not directly responsible for... More >>

  • Necessary angels

    published April 4, 1996

    The realists of this world have the romantics by the balls, but the romantics refuse to cry uncle. Instead, they produce epics like War and... More >>

  • No more jelly roll

    published March 28, 1996

    Leather dildos, oral sex, untamable erections.These are the kinds of objectionable subjects that right-thinking Americans want to bar from their... More >>

  • Last laugh

    published March 14, 1996

    Social scientists and cultural engineers are, even as you read, racking their brains to determine why sketch comedy has reached rock... More >>

  • Disarming

    published March 7, 1996

    George Bernard Shaw had a neat response for those critics who thought his plays were talky affairs full of nothing but words. "My plays were all... More >>

  • Street of dreams

    published February 29, 1996

    Should a play, like a poem, not "mean" but "be"? Thomas Lanier "Tennessee" Williams posed that question in his preface to Camino Real, in... More >>

  • She's got you

    published February 22, 1996

    Got any out-of-town friends, relatives, clients or other cadgers coming to visit in the next few months? If so, consider taking them to see... More >>

  • Beating of wings

    published February 15, 1996

    If plays were judged by the number of literary allusions they contain, The Swan would rate high. This elliptical, enervating drama by... More >>

  • Cracker kingdom

    published February 8, 1996

    For most baby boomers, Tobacco Road was one of those books which, if encountered at all, was found in dad's dresser drawer buried beneath the... More >>

  • Revenge of the bourgeoisie

    published February 1, 1996

    To update, or not to update? That is the question facing directors today who wish to stage classic plays. Stay true to a classic's setting,... More >>

  • Scenes from the class struggle

    published January 25, 1996

    Before Stanley and Blanche and George and Martha, there was Julie and Jean. The leads in Swedish playwright August Strindberg's gripping... More >>

  • Dead serious

    published January 18, 1996

    Let's apply a little Queer Theory to the Harry Hunsacker plays. Before beginning this instructive exercise, however, it's necessary to... More >>

  • Boo, hiss

    published January 11, 1996

    The first recorded theatrical performance, according to anthropologists studying Paleolithic cave paintings in Lascaux, France, was an... More >>

  • Theater was alive in '95

    published January 4, 1996

    Is the theater really dead? Not in Big D. In fact, a quickie look at area productions in the past year shows that theater in the... More >>

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