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  • 2007 - Southern California Journalism Awards/LA Press Club, published January 13, 2006

    "Death Race 2000"

1998 Stories by Paul Cullum

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  • Jealous guy

    published September 3, 1998

    Armed again with the comedy of despair, but with a far sight more focus than last time out, Kicking and Screaming director Noah Baumbach takes on... More >>

  • Route 666

    published July 23, 1998

    Director-writer-composer-star-visionary Vincent Gallo, a left-field character actor whose best work has been in the films of mainstream eccentrics... More >>

  • Weekend gross

    published July 16, 1998

    For those who thought Dumb and Dumber signaled the end of the world as we know it, my advice to you is duck and cover. Comedy avatars Peter and... More >>

  • Counting the minutes

    published June 4, 1998

    It's a truism that unless your film picks up momentum as it goes along, you'd do well not to put a ticking clock in it. Thrillers like The Big... More >>

  • Magical regionalism

    published May 21, 1998

    No genre of film is quite as beleaguered as the humble romantic comedy. Ideally suited to the modest budgets and limited chops of the burgeoning... More >>

  • Gray days

    published February 19, 1998

    Bruno Barreto is the heir apparent of Brazilian cinema; he's known on these shores for the lush romanticism of the Sonia Braga travel brochures... More >>

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