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  • 22 years ago

    In mid-September, The Dallas Morning News reported the demise of a giant in Texas public education. Joseph Jones "J.J." Pearce, 88, the superintendent "who guided the Richardson school district's transformation from a single rural campus into one ...

  • 23 years ago

    So...The Dallas Morning News is getting into the weekly newspaper business. According to an August 23 "media advisory," Dallas' Only Daily has entered into a "consulting relationship" with The Met, Not Dallas' Only Weekly. So much for being an "al...

  • 23 years ago

    Someone in the Dallas city manager's office is not telling the truth. Fabricating. Covering up. Dissembling. Lying. And almost no one seems to care about it. That's disturbing--because it's not a lowly clerk or mid-level stiff who's bending the tr...


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