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1996 Stories by Peter Rainer

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  • Oedipus wrecks

    published December 26, 1996

    In Mother, Albert Brooks plays John Henderson, a science-fiction novelist recently divorced from his second wife who decides he can't risk another... More >>

  • Bottoms up!

    published December 26, 1996

    The People vs. Larry Flynt is a Hollywood rags-to-riches success story with a twist. The recipient of the American Dream is a pornographer (Woody... More >>

  • Proctor and Ramble

    published December 19, 1996

    Why a movie of The Crucible now? Arthur Miller's play about the Salem witchcraft trials was first staged on Broadway in 1953, when McCarthyism was... More >>

  • Pure id

    published December 12, 1996

    Forget Independence Day. If you really want to see Earth get it, you can't do any better than Tim Burton's Mars Attacks! It's a destructo orgy... More >>

  • Cruella and unusual punishment

    published November 28, 1996

    In the post-Babe era, can you make a live-action movie about animals and not have them talk to each other? For me, this is the deep philosophical... More >>

  • Secondhand Rose

    published November 21, 1996

    In The Mirror Has Two Faces, Barbra Streisand plays Rose Morgan, a Columbia University Romantic literature professor who endures a drab,... More >>

  • Lost keys

    published November 21, 1996

    When we first see the character of middle-aged Australian David Helfgott (Geoffrey Rush) in Shine, he's standing in the driving rain and tapping... More >>

Archives: 1998 | 1997 | 1996