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1995 Stories by Philip Chrissopoulos

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  • Planting seeds

    published November 23, 1995

    Mike Daane, the bass player for Ugly Mus-tard, welcomes his guest in his elaborate home studio with a hearty smile. You might know Daane's name or... More >>

  • The offspring

    published November 2, 1995

    The three members of Lower Caste Struggle sit hunched around a table, their eyes intense and their fingers fidgety. They scarf down pizza, suck... More >>

  • Soul to soul

    published October 26, 1995

    "I'd like society to have an open mind about music and not believe everything you hear on the radio and television. Investigate different... More >>

  • Too punk to f--

    published July 13, 1995

    Turner Van Blarcum is perhaps the most easily recognized figure seen stalking Deep Ellum's streets. With his shaved and mohawked head, he is a... More >>

  • Collyers of the wild

    published July 6, 1995

    As Matt Hillyer and Steve Berg welcome their guest into the living room-cum-rehearsal space in which Lone Star Trio and the Collyers practice and... More >>

  • Under the covers

    published May 25, 1995

    Simon Le Bon loves to bathe in the limelight. Over the phone from London, Duran Duran's lead singer--one of the last famous international... More >>

  • West Texas waltz

    published May 18, 1995

    Mention the name Moon Festival to those who know or care about such things, and probably they will half-remember the name, maybe even a song, but... More >>

  • No frills, no joke

    published May 4, 1995

    A few years ago, a perplexed music writer asked Joey Ramone the $64,000 question: how can the Ramones write all these songs when they only seem to... More >>

  • 1995 Dallas Observer Music Awards (Part I)

    published April 13, 1995

    In 1995, Dallas' rich musical heritage continues with a new breed of musician--some are young, some old, some natives, some transplants, some... More >>

  • 1995 Dallas Observer Music Awards (Part II)

    published April 13, 1995

    BEST ACT OVERALL: Reverend Horton Heat ALBUM RELEASE (1994): Liquor in the Front, Reverend Horton Heat (Interscope Records) LOCAL... More >>

  • A brighter shade of blues

    published April 6, 1995

    On a gorgeous spring day, a man known by the name J. Bone Cro sits on the front porch of a house on Lower Greenville Avenue--the home and studio... More >>

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