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  • 22 years ago | Longform

    It's almost noon on a hot Saturday morning in July, and the professional photographer who volunteered to teach Artist Thornton's photography workshop at the South Dallas Cultural Center is more than an hour late. A roomful of about 20 eager youngs...

  • 23 years ago

    Ryan Amacher, the former University of Texas at Arlington president who, with help from an interior designer imported from Arizona, spent more than $157,000 last year to remodel a presidential suite for himself, has fallen a long way. In March, Am...

  • 23 years ago | Longform

    Ray Audette amuses his Far North Dallas neighbors. They laugh when they see Audette, a diet book author, tramp across the manicured lawns lugging fresh roadkill, usually squirrels. They know their neighbor is toting the furry accident victims back...

  • 24 years ago

    University of Texas System Chancellor Bill Cunningham announced last week that system officials will audit University of Texas at Arlington's finances and management policies. The audit began this week, after publication of an Observer cover story...

  • 24 years ago | Longform

    On a brisk October morning, University of Texas at Arlington President Ryan Amacher and his wife, Susan, rose before dawn for their morning walk and headed down the long gravel drive that leads from their south Arlington farm house. As they reache...


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