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  • Smokin' Gumshoe

    published December 28, 2006

    The Pegasus Theater's black and white shows are a true Dallas tradition. For a while, I was going year after year to their small theater digs just... More >>

  • Every Time a Bell Rings...

    published December 21, 2006

    A few years ago, I played the small role of Mr. Martini in the stage version of It's a Wonderful Life. Back then I thought my future... More >>

  • Bar None

    published December 21, 2006

    What better way to drink your cosmopolitan than with a splash of culture? Try it at the Nasher Sculpture Center this Thursday night. And if you're... More >>

  • School's In

    published December 14, 2006

    I'm too old to understand the phenomenon of Disney's High School Musical, about two teens who meet at karaoke, discover mutual interests... More >>

  • Moondance

    published December 14, 2006

    I never really understood the whole solstice thing; I only knew I needed to add it to my holiday greetings along with Kwanzaa and Hanukkah.... More >>

  • Always a Bridesmaid

    published December 7, 2006

    There are four things every human should do. Plant a tree, write a poem, be intimate with someone of the same sex and kill a person. At least,... More >>

  • Cuttin' Up

    published November 30, 2006

    Since I lived a big chunk of my life in Mesquite, home of the rodeo, imagine my embarrassment when I thought a Celebrity Cutting Event had... More >>

  • Rock the Brat

    published November 23, 2006

    I'm afraid to admit that I may not be the best person to write up this German Christmas Festival. I say that because so much of it seems to... More >>

  • Coconut Blues

    published November 16, 2006

    I've been called the whitest Hispanic ever. And that's by my closest friends. The slightest hint of jalapeño has me gasping for water. I'm... More >>

  • Jokes for the Def

    published November 2, 2006

    I wondered once if I could be a comedian. I was doing the whole theater thing, and a couple of people said I was funny, so I began to ponder.... More >>

  • Locker Rooms Talk

    published November 2, 2006

    Here's a random piece of city trivia: The Dallas FrontRunners, the gay social running group, was inspired by the book The Front Runner by... More >>

  • This Gourd's for You

    published October 26, 2006

    I hope I haven't missed the yearly presentation of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Even as a thirtysomething, there's a certain... More >>

  • Shrill Happens

    published October 26, 2006

    I have mixed feelings about haunted houses. There is nothing like that thrill of some blood-covered ghoul lunging toward me from the darkness. But... More >>

  • O-69

    published October 19, 2006

    I keep meaning to make it to GayBingo, but it just never seems to happen. Why that is, I don't know. The appeal is tantalizing. Campy drag queen... More >>

  • The Family Jewels

    published October 19, 2006

    I am an idiot. At least one with tunnel vision. When I agreed to write about the upcoming International Gem and Jewelry Show, I only... More >>

  • Rent's Due

    published October 12, 2006

    I may be one of the few that didn't discover Rent until the failed movie attempt last year. I had low expectations of the film, and... More >>

  • Theeeeeey're Grapes!

    published October 5, 2006

    I'm not much of a wine drinker, but in efforts to improve my epicurean palate and social standing, I feel compelled to learn more about the Jesus... More >>

  • De Nada

    published September 28, 2006

    Much Ado About Nothing is my favorite Shakespeare play, hands down. The movie adaptation was even pretty good despite Keanu Reeves... More >>

  • De Nada

    published September 28, 2006

    Much Ado About Nothing is my favorite Shakespeare play, hands down. The movie adaptation was even pretty good despite Keanu Reeves... More >>

  • Fresh Fest

    published September 28, 2006

    Much attention has been given to the newly announced AFI Film Festival in Dallas, which begins next year. It used to be the Deep Ellum Film... More >>

  • Big Time

    published September 21, 2006

    There's a certain irony in receiving a black-and-white press release for a one-night-only art event from a gallery with a mission of providing... More >>

  • Fairweather Johnson

    published September 14, 2006

    I'm not sure what it means to be a "real fan" of the Cowboys. Does this mean painting your face while attending a game? Knowing the stats of every... More >>

  • Apps Ahoy

    published September 14, 2006

    If I ever invite you over for dinner, politely decline, because my cooking abilities are nil, and cereal isn't the best meal for a dinner party.... More >>

  • We're Here! We're Queer!

    published September 7, 2006

    So we all know gays and lesbians can't get married. But hey, who cares if we pay the same taxes as everyone else? Why bother with that "all men... More >>

  • He's Goss-ome!

    published September 7, 2006

    The Goss Gallery opened with a bang last year with its inaugural exhibit of David LaChapelle's hip and surreal photographs. And since then, well,... More >>

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