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  • The Top 10 Most Memorable Dallas Sports Moments of 2008

    published Dec 31, 2008

    Before you muffle your "Happy New Year's" wishes with tired, old criticism, notice I said "Memorable" and not "Best". Got it? In lieu of Dick Clark, let me start these balls dropping. 10. Byrd Wa... More >>

  • 2008 in Memoriam: Your Top 10 Most Popular Sports Items of the Year

    published Dec 30, 2008

    In keeping with our "Best of ... " programming this week, I'll provide the most memorable Metroplex sports moments of 2008 on Wednesday. Until then, a look back at what you guys clicked on/... More >>

  • The 2008 Dallas Cowboys: Biggest. Disappointment. Ever.

    published Dec 29, 2008

    If it's good enough for Kidd Kraddick and Casey Kasem, then a vacation week laced with "Best of ..." programming is good enough for my lil' corner of the blogosphere. Left to digest how the ... More >>

  • Eagles 44, Cowgirls 6

    published Dec 28, 2008

    Shittingly. Fittingly. The most disappointing season in Cowboys' history ends with THE most embarrassing loss in Cowboys' history. Favored to make it to the Super Bowl, the Cowboys finish 9-7 and mi... More >>

  • Whitt's End

    published Dec 26, 2008

    *I seem to be fresh out of cash, but I'll betcha some leftover Christmas fruitcake that the Cowboys don't win in Philly Sunday. A team that leads the league in penalties, can't get in sync on someth... More >>

  • Video of the Week: Merry Christmas

    published Dec 25, 2008

    As if I needed to remind you, don't eff with Santa. - Richie Whitt ... More >>

  • Texas Stadium Deserved a Fonder Farewell Than This

    published December 25, 2008

    Standing in the world's most famous sports tunnel last Saturday night, the symbolism smacked me like the arctic north wind howling up from... More >>

  • Don't Read This If You're Determined to be Scrooge

    published Dec 24, 2008

    One of the greatest games in the history of football was played in our back yard recently. Consider it the pigskin version of It's A Wonderful Life. Merry Christmas, sports. - Richie Whitt... More >>

  • Final NFL Quarterback Rankings

    published Dec 23, 2008

    According to the Pro Bowl, Peyton Manning and Kurt Warner are the two best NFL quarterbacks of 2008. According to me, nonsense. Warner has the best receivers in the league and throws in the worst div... More >>

  • BREAKING NEWS: Michael Crabtree Coming (to Dallas) and Going (to the NFL)

    published Dec 23, 2008

    In news that should surprise no one, Michael Crabtree's last college game will be Jan. 2 in the last Cotton Bowl played in Dallas. No official announcement, but I hear the Texas Tech All-World receiv... More >>

  • BREAKING NEWS: Luis Yanez Making Pro Boxing Debut at AAC

    published Dec 22, 2008

    I do weird things while (only technically, it appears) on vacation. Like, for example, wonder if the sport of boxing is alive and wonder if Duncanville fighter Luis Yanez is well. The answe... More >>

  • Nevermores 33, Never Agains 24

    published Dec 22, 2008

    Lowlights from the final night at Texas Stadium: *I know the Buccaneers and Eagles lost yesterday and there's still hope for the Cowboys making the playoffs. But what happened Saturday night w... More >>

  • My Photographic Farewell to Texas Stadium

    published Dec 21, 2008

    I never claimed to be a great writer. Even a worse photographer.Nonetheless, armed with an iPhone and a life's worth of memories, I'd be honored if you'd allow me to take you on a tour of Texas Stadiu... More >>

  • Holiday Greetings

    published Dec 19, 2008

    Since I'll be on vacation the next two weeks, things will be a tad slower here in The Sportatorium until 2009. Slower, I said. Not stagnant. Between visits to/from family and frantically reachin... More >>

  • Whitt's End

    published Dec 19, 2008

     Whether you're at the end of your rope or merely the end of your week - even the end of the year -  welcome to Whitt's End: *Hold your horses if you thought tonight's concert by ... More >>

  • Video of the Week #2: Christmas in Dallas?!

    published Dec 19, 2008

    I'd totally forgotten about this. Now I know why. Jeff Rohrer. Steve Pelluer. Mike Saxon. And, yes, even Herschel Walker. A true Christmas classic. - Richie Whitt   ... More >>

  • Video of the Week: The Best Game in the History of Texas Stadium

    published Dec 19, 2008

    Larry Cole. Roger Staubach. Tony Hill. Pat Summerall. Tom Landry. Cowboys 35, Redskins 34 in 1979. They can take the Cowboys out of Texas Stadium, but they'll never take Texas Stadium out of the Cowb... More >>

  • You Betcha: Week 17

    published Dec 19, 2008

    Back in August I started with a mythical bankroll of $10,000, courtesy of Bodog Online Gaming. First of all, because their site is easy to navigate. Second, because they're based in Costa R... More >>

  • What's In My Closet?

    published Dec 18, 2008

    In this week's episode I briefly venture out of my closet - funny, but no reason to get your gaydars all revved up - and into the cold, cruel Dallas winter. Strange things, man. Some high-priced... More >>

  • Finally, Another Funny/Clever Sports Cartoon!

    published Dec 18, 2008

    I grew up reading Tank McNamara. In accordance, I grew up believing sports cartoon strips were ridiculously unfunny. Lo and behold, today we get another early Christmas present. My ol' buddy Mik... More >>

  • Guess Who's on the Cover of This Week's Dallas Observer?

    published Dec 17, 2008

    Your hints: *His next NFL interception will be his first. *I had to drive 250 miles to interview him. *He's a good guy who made a really bad decision. *One of the major players in his life story ha... More >>

  • Dallas, Can I Interest You in Some Fantasy Football?

    published Dec 17, 2008

    My apologies. In pronouncing the death of football as ancillary entertainment in our newfound era of recession, I somehow overlooked a fledgling league of scantily clad females. Let it be k... More >>

  • Cornerback Dwayne Goodrich: "The Cowboy Who Killed Those Kids"

    published December 18, 2008

    In here, past the endless cotton fields and wind-energy turbines at the West Texas intersection of desolate and dusty, he has too much... More >>

  • The Top 10 Most Memorable Moments in the History of Grand Ol' Texas Stadium

    published Dec 17, 2008

      Fittingly, the stadium with the hole in the roof - so God could watch his favorite football team, duh - was christened by a 10-day Billy Graham crusade. A month later - Oct. 24, 1971 - Te... More >>

  • Cowboys Have 5 Pro Bowlers Not Named Tony Romo

    published Dec 16, 2008

    The Dallas Cowboys' Pro Bowl representation dwindled from 11 players last year to 5 this afternoon. Will their win total similarly decline from 13 to 11? ... 10? ... 9?   Tight end Jason Witten... More >>

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