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  • Reel Good Times

    published April 27, 2006

    It goes in cycles, our relationship with the USA Film Festival; we hate to love it, it loves to hate us, and on and on it goes to the point... More >>

  • Bono and You Too

    published May 4, 2006

    Bono, U2 front man, humanitarian and sunglasses model, will speak 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Music Hall at Fair Park; he's being presented by... More >>

  • The Architect

    published June 22, 2006

    Sydney Pollack was in town the other day to pimp the first documentary in his decades-long career that spans from early TV to latter-day Nicole... More >>

  • Worst Concert Ever?

    published June 22, 2006

    Seems we'll plug just about anything in this paper; who's on the schedule next week, Anne Murray and Nickelback? What's left to say about Chicago... More >>

  • Sophomore Success

    published July 6, 2006

    Dallas' lit scene is a tiny one; there's Will Clarke (Lord Vishnu's Love Handles), Harry Hunsicker and...oh, you could probably name... More >>

  • Countdown to Ecstacy

    published July 6, 2006

    Donald Fagen ought to be out pushing Morph the Cat, his latest solo disc that, let's face it, sounds like Steely Dan anyway; guess it makes... More >>

  • Asia or Bust

    published August 3, 2006

    Now in its fifth year, the Asian Film Festival of Dallas—which runs Thursday through August 10 at the Magnolia Theater,... More >>

  • Fate's Fanboy

    published September 7, 2006

    Brad Meltzer's got a rep as a writer of serious fiction—legal thrillers mostly, but also the new The Book of Fate, which deals... More >>

  • El Cine

    published September 14, 2006

    As I write this, so-called press and industry folks are being turned away from a screening of Todd Field's Little Children at the Toronto... More >>

  • Nerd Alert

    published October 26, 2006

    Till we got a good look at the schedule of guests for the latest Dallas Comic Con, taking place Saturday and Sunday at the Plano Centre, we... More >>

  • Gefeltefestival

    published December 7, 2006

    Look, lemme be straight with you: Hanukkah's a very, very minor holiday. It's so minor there are, like, 24 spellings of the thing. It's so... More >>

  • Girl on Top on Stage

    published Dec 29, 2006

    Yes, this may indeed be a case of blogrolling, as we link back to a page that links to Unfair Park, but it's worth it. Because, you see, I can't think of a better way to end this year than by send... More >>

  • Open Letter to a Really, Really Bad Audience Member

    published Dec 29, 2006

    While this is an open letter to all inappropriate and rude assholes that plague the music venues of Dallas and elsewhere, I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate this letter to a special som... More >>

  • Drop Head Gorgeous

    published Dec 29, 2006

    If you see one of these Bentleys crusing around town, it might just be Gene Street. And he might just be checking you out. Legendary restaurateur Gene Street, chairman of Consolidated Restaurant op... More >>

  • No Witzki

    published Dec 29, 2006

    We head into 2007 knowing this much: Bobby Knight still doesn't have the record, SMU still doesn't have legitimacy, the Texas Rangers still don't have a free-agent star and, most inexplicably, the... More >>

  • Lookin' Fer Love In All The Wrong Places

    published Dec 29, 2006

    In my column this week, I audition for ABC's The Bachelor, joining thousands of women across the country in the quest for true love in prime time. With my love antennae particularly attuned to th... More >>

  • New Midlake Video: Very Calming

    published Dec 29, 2006

    It occured to me this morning, as I was trolling YouTube for something entirely different, that we never posted the winning entry in the make-a-Midlake-video contest sponsored by the band's label, Wor... More >>

  • Win One for the Zimmer

    published Dec 29, 2006

    You know who we're sick of watching? Roy Williams, shown here, as usual, chasing a guy with the ball. Look, it can't all be T.O.'s fault. A big part, most def. If the Cowboys paid Owens for every ... More >>

  • Bill Parcells is a Big Ol' Softie

    published Dec 29, 2006

    A couple of months ago there was that New York Times story about Bill Parcells, in which the Cowboys' coach was depicted as a guy who was just kinda, well, pathetic -- a man who lives alone in wha... More >>

  • Cotton Bowl Tix as Valuable as Pocket Lint

    published Dec 28, 2006 much is the city gonna spend on refurbishing the Cotton Bowl? Yeah. That's an awesome idea. Psssst. Hey, buddy, wanna buy some watches? No? OK then, how about a sweet deal on some Cotton... More >>

  • A Stone-Cold Disappointment for Downtown Theatergoers

    published Dec 28, 2006

    Looks like downtown's losing a small gem: Although it's unlikely the city council will jump in to save the day, a la Urban Market, the Stone Street Theatre (a Best of Dallas-winner) is on the move... More >>

  • Plano: Heaven or Hell? You Decide.

    published Dec 28, 2006

    A Friend of Unfair Park writes: Not sure if you've followed this "story" on Slate, but apparently Mickey Kaus, Virginia Postrel, and Andrew Sullivan have been engaging in debate (loosely centered ar... More >>

  • Still Dreaming of a (Danny) White Christmas?

    published Dec 28, 2006

    At this risk of turning this into Sportsy Thursday (here comes Richie...), we thought we'd mention at this late date The Know Your Dallas Cowboys Blog, which bills itself as a "Generally Less-Than... More >>

  • They're Here. They Cheer. Get Used to It.

    published Dec 28, 2006

    Today and tomorrow, the National Cheerleaders Association's Senior and Junior High School National Championships are taking place at the Dallas Convention Center. (No wonder our Thursday-night pok... More >>

  • Yeah, Just How Did Terrell Bolton Land That New Gig, Anyway?

    published Dec 28, 2006

    Terrell Bolton has a new job. Only, some folks in Georgia can't figure out just how he got it. The selection of Terrell Bolton as the new police chief of DeKalb County, Georgia, has some folks in A... More >>

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