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  • Highway to Ireland

    published December 15, 2011

    Celtic Thunder sounds like the name of a very silly metal band, but the group is in fact a very popular Irish ensemble and not the least bit... More >>

  • Symphony Brings A World of Joy

    published December 8, 2011

    Holiday events require all hands on deck, and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s festivities are no different. Through December 18, it’s... More >>

  • Let’s Get Cracking

    published November 17, 2011

    We find this time of year a little dark. Yes, the world is wrapped in tinsel and has a festive soundtrack, but we are also trampling and getting... More >>

  • Home is Where the Belly Is

    published November 10, 2011

    There are McDonald’s all over the world, but that doesn’t mean you should eat there when you’re off the beaten path. Sure, that... More >>

  • Wake-Up Call

    published November 3, 2011

    We live in interesting times that beget interesting fears. Our nightmares aren’t so much of the monster and zombie variety, but rather ideas... More >>

  • Eat Global, Stay Local

    published October 27, 2011

    Greenville Avenue is one of Dallas’ tastiest streets. From Barley House and Blue Fish to Rohst and Woodfire by Kirby’s, it’s as... More >>

  • Original Process, Inspired Outcome

    published October 20, 2011

    Usually the word bootleg isn’t something that artists take kindly to. But downtown’s Plush Gallery has no problem with the word -- at... More >>

  • Pound Pavement for a Cure

    published October 13, 2011

    There are many things we can do for "the cure" these days. We can wear ribbons, buy products in a specific color, post on our Facebook walls or... More >>

  • Lens Crafters

    published October 13, 2011

    Are you skeptical about the investment value of photography? If so, Afterimage Gallery has a story for you. The gallery sold an Ansel Adams print... More >>

  • Batters Up For Charity

    published July 7, 2011

    Where can you see Mavericks, Stars and Cowboys on one field? It's not some super-new sports mash-up. That would be risky. It's baseball! Which... More >>

  • It's Time For A Full Mooney

    published June 30, 2011

    The comedy scene is a three-ring circus, so it makes sense, that one of its greats is a former ringmaster. Paul Mooney started his career... More >>

  • Finger Paint the Weekend

    published June 23, 2011

    Are you jealous of all the carefree youngsters who are grabbing their pretty paint palettes and heading off to summer arts camp? Then today is... More >>

  • Time To Time Step

    published June 16, 2011

    Tap dancing is a great way to simultaneously make a joyful noise and have happy feet. If it's your idea of a good time, shuffle—or step ball... More >>

  • Bookmarked For the Beach Bag

    published June 2, 2011

    It's the season of the beach read. Whether or not you are actually on the beach, summer makes us think of books that engage us, and take our... More >>

  • Getting the Straight Edge

    published May 26, 2011

    Do you love your hair? Do you love it less au naturale? That attitude is an uphill battle that could leave your treasured tresses most distressed.... More >>

  • Addison Your Taste, Buds

    published May 19, 2011

    By our assessment, Addison tastes pretty good. Sure, it has some popular chains linking its restaurant row, but any town with so many good eats in... More >>

  • Steady Beauty

    published May 5, 2011

    Balanced, not boring. That's Robert Rector's work, boiled down to three words. But although it's easy to condense the description, the work... More >>

  • The Stories Live On

    published April 28, 2011

    With the atrocities more than 60 years behind them, the generation of Holocaust survivors is rapidly diminishing. But just because the stories... More >>

  • For the Hungriest of Hunters

    published April 21, 2011

    At most Easter egg hunts, the best snack is a chocolate bunny. Not so at Mi Piaci's, which features a brunch with menu items like high-end... More >>

  • A Full Spectrum of Hope

    published April 14, 2011

    Cancer is something usually perceived in dark, gloomy colors because well, it’s a dark, gloomy time in the lives of those affected by it. But... More >>

  • Burnin' Up The Quarter Mile

    published March 31, 2011

    Figuring out the lyrics to "Greased Lightnin'" is kind of a rite of passage. Many of us innocently listened to the Grease soundtrack for... More >>

  • We Hope They Get It

    published March 24, 2011

    Before there was American Idol and similar audition shows, there was Broadway. And, getting there had absolutely nothing to do with people... More >>

  • Barking Up The Right Tree

    published March 17, 2011

    You probably won't see it at Fashion Week, but bark cloth takes the natural textile craze to a whole new level. Durable, sustainable and... More >>

  • Aidan Goes Country

    published March 10, 2011

    If you're a Sex & the City fan, a Northern Exposure fan or a United States of Tara fan, we've got some great news for you.... More >>

  • Bound for the Soul

    published March 3, 2011

    There is power in thread. Binding yet precarious, it weaves physical representations of abstract ideas to create multidimensional art. The actual... More >>

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