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  • Deathray Davies, Chomsky, OHNO and Envoy

    published December 25, 2003

    In the spirit of the new year, I have gotten completely wasted on champagne to preview the Club Clearview New Year's Eve concert, and whoa, dude,... More >>

  • [DARYL]

    published December 18, 2003

    Talk about timing. Quite a few local bands have album releases pending for spring 2004, leaving many scenesters' hopes for indie-rock stocking... More >>

  • Doosu

    published December 18, 2003

    Every once in a while, when I'm preaching the gospel of Dallas music to out-of-towners, some faraway friend asks about the band Doosu. That's odd... More >>

  • Winter Wonderland

    published December 18, 2003

    Every year, the barren, icy tundra of wintertime Dallas sparks fear in the hearts of metroplexians. Soon enough, we will have to brace for the... More >>

  • Slowride

    published December 11, 2003

    It's not often we ask a band, "Where did the emo go?" We wouldn't bid tearful farewells if a band filled with Caucasian, well-to-do musicians gave... More >>

  • The Zapruder Sequence

    published November 20, 2003

    Imagine a world where rap-rock never existed. Don't let the joy overwhelm you, but try to return to the mid-'90s, when kids began to donate their... More >>

  • Game On

    published November 6, 2003

    The moment was so tender that it could rival the memories of the greatest lovers in the world. In that crowded, dusky room, an image of soft,... More >>

  • So Manet Colors

    published September 25, 2003

    Ah, the enthusiasm of youth. Sure, some prefer to use the synonym "folly," but we enthusiastically disagree. See, in our more tender years, we... More >>

  • Shallow Graves

    published June 12, 2003

    The home shared by Budapest One singer-guitarist Keith Killoren and keyboard player Chad Stockslager leaves little room for interpretation. The... More >>

  • The Adventures of Jet

    published April 24, 2003

    Back in the late '70s, Ron Howard bolstered his film career with such art-house gems as Eat My Dust! and Grand Theft Auto. These... More >>

Archives: 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003